I first got wind of this earlier this week (because I talk to the wind, the wind cannot hear…) when someone pointed out to me that la Cervecera’s name had been scrubbed from Gabriela Saucedo Mercer’s website.

I held off on writing about it to give Nick Martin a chance to do a story over at Talking Points Memo. You can thank me later, Nick.

Brewer was slotted to do a fundraiser for Mercer today, but Brewer was under pressure after Mercer’s intemperate and intolerant statements about Arabs and Muslims.

Not to worry, “internationally recognized” comedy magician Brad Zinn will still be headlining. As a side note, one of my campaign events featured Rich Hopkins, who is big in Croatia.

It must be noted that Brewer did not have any comment on what Mercer said, and is still a supporter of Mercer’s. Also keep in mind that Mercer has earned the financial support of Augusta Resources, Rosemont Copper and Raytheon. I get why these guys aren’t the biggest fans of Raúl Grijalva, but it boggles the mind why they’d endorse her brand of wingnuttery. I’d understand if they want to back a winner, but she’s a sure loser. It really makes one wonder about their own views.

5 thoughts on “Cancelled

  1. “boggles the mind why they’d endorse her brand of wingnuttery”, really? They may hide it better than her but they fully go along with that “brand of wingnuttery”.

  2. Your right, let’s tax them all, make them pay their fair share. Kick them out of Arizona, we don’t need their stinking jobs. For Gods sake let us hear nothing more about those nasty F-35’s that will bring about 10 million into our local economy.

    The problem we have is to many of those “wingnuts” have left and there is nobody here to pay the bills.

  3. So, Walt, what do you think of Saucedo Mercer’s statements? You think they should be honored by members of your party?

  4. By the way, I didn’t call those companies wingnuts…I called what Saucedo Mercer said “wingnuttery.” You might want to read what I had to say.

  5. Walt’s right. Mercer’s public-access cable show is worth at least $10 million to Tucson’s economy, according to an estimate that I just made up.

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