8 thoughts on ““I Pledge Allegiance…”

  1. Sadly, you’re probably right. Mindless political hatred in some people knows no bounds. Gabby is a bit too Blue Dog when it comes to policy but her overcoming her ordeal deserves lot of love and respect.

  2. It’s not that Gabby was Blue Dog, it’s that she is True Blue. The people who will make negative comments come from the other end of the color spectrum. I’m so happy to see her at the convention, wish they had shown her on primetime.

  3. I checked the Star online. Did they really blow off her appearance with a photo and nothing else in the print edition?

  4. Sonorasm – Pretty much! Did not see any mention in the articles. For quite some time now the only thing worthwhile in the Star is the comics page.

  5. The real story was CNN and MSNBC cameras panning the arena when she was reciting the Pledge. Very few dry eyes. Those folks from all over got it!

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