Disjointed Notes on the Convention

A few thoughts inspired by last night.

– Quick historical note for the news media: Yes, Bill Clinton spoke for a bladder straining 51 minutes last night. Careful, however, when comparing it to his over-long speech in 1988. I’ve heard that 31 minute speech referred to as a “keynote” in several news reports. The 1988 speech was not a keynote fellas: it was a nomination speech for Michael Dukakis.

Yes, a minor point, but if you can’t even take the time to check Wikipedia or your own outlet’s archives…

By the way, the keynote that year was by then Texas Treasurer Ann Richards, and it was a big deal. Her “Silver foot in his mouth” comment about George Bush later given as a reason why the campaign got so nasty, and even given as an excuse for the tone of Bush fils’s campaign against Richards in 1994.

– I liked Sister Simone Campbell’s remarks. Her Sisters of Public Service follow the Benedictine Rule and she’s a friend of at least one of the sisters at our local monastery. Her words made me proud to be a Benedictine Oblate.

Ann Coulter’s twitter feed was particularly vile last night. I was thinking of putting them up here, but I’ll resist the urge. I guess I should follow the example of Sr. Simone’s beloved Rule and show pity for her for whatever is missing from her life.

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