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The Best Result of the Evening…

  • District 25 Senate, Republican Pirmary
  • Russell Pearce – 10,086 (44.02%)
  • Bob Worsley – 12,789 (55.82%)
  • Write-in – 38 (0.17%)

Apparently, Pearce was a bit press shy last night, so, unlike the recall, we haven’t yet been treated to excuses about how this election really doesn’t count.

By the way, I keep hearing about high ranking Republicans and business lobbyists turning on Pearce, and that’s what buried him. Well, that’s all fine and good that they did that, but I’d prefer to save my congratulations for the people who opposed him when he was actually in office and had power.

One Comment

  1. Dearest Readers,

    The question now is: what does Pearce do next… besides continuing in his role as Arizona’s Unofficial Grumpy Old Man?

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 10:49 pm | Permalink