Final Darts Thrown Before the Primary: Supervisor District 1

Admittedly, Nancy Young Wright’s chances of getting elected depend on whether the Republicans go full on Tea Party in their primary. And by full on Tea Party, I mean whether they nominate Ally Miller.

I only know Mike Hellon and Vic Williams by reputation, but I’ve actually met Stuart McDaniel a couple of times. I would agree with little any of the three of them would do, but they at least have some notion of what the county actually does and what’s been going on the past couple of years.

Miller has been claiming all sorts of odd things about county finances and how bond money is being spent. I guess she’s got the same source for the goings on in the county as Terri Proud does.

I wonder what’s going to happen if she gets elected and finds out how much road money is spent in her district?

Anyhow, Richard Elías posted a take down of many of the claims. Yeah, it’s a campaign document. Hmm, what about Jim Nintzel’s piece pointing out the problems with the claims?

Oh yeah, that’s the liberal Tucson Weekly. Of course, much of Nintzel’s reporting was an echo of facts already presented by Inside Tucson Business and local Republican consultant Emil Franzi.

If you think the editors of Inside Tucson Business and Franzi are a bunch of commies (say it to Franzi’s face, please), then maybe the ratings by Fitch and Standard and Poors, both gave the county a AA rating, might make you think twice about the notion that the county is heading to fiscal ruin.

Hey, if the argument is that Pima County wastes money, great, say it. But if you make stuff up, it calls into question your ability to govern.

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