Tribes to Take a Whack at Paton Today

San Carlos Apache Vice President John Bush, White Mountain Apache Chairman Ronnie Lupe along with local and Democratic Party leaders are scheduled to hold a press conference today where they are expected to blast Jonathan Paton for his stand on tribal sovereignty.

What prompted this was his answer on a questionnaire put out by our state’s social conservative scolds, the Center for Arizona Policy. CAP is run by pro-bullying lobbyist Cathi Herrod.

Check out answer fifteen on Paton’s questionnaire for the organization.

Bear in mind that this advocacy of “further restrictions” on tribal gaming comes from a guy who has been talking about loosening regulation on rural industry as a way to increase economic development. Except, I suppose, for the industry that the most impoverished Arizonans have depended on for economic development.

Maybe he was hanging out at the legislature too long and confuses what’s good for rural Arizona with what Phoenix lobbyists like Herrod want.

3 thoughts on “Tribes to Take a Whack at Paton Today

  1. Note that Paton also said in the questionnaire that he agrees with Todd Akin and Paul Ryan on banning abortions, including cases of rape.

  2. You make the unwarranted presumption that Paton EVER gave a crap about what was good for rural Arizona rather than lobbyists.

  3. SonoranSam, maybe we should cut Paton some slack. After all, Cathi Herrod’s survey didn’t give the option of supporting exceptions for cases of “legitimate rape”…

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