Cheuvront and Cheuvront Double Down

A couple of months back, a Phoenix politico told me about a poll that showed Ken Cheuvront beating Katie Hobbs. Now I’m hearing reports that Cheuvront is not doing as well anymore, even a few anecdotes of former Cheuvront supporters replacing their yard signs with Hobbs ones.

Like I said, that’s anecdotal, but you only need to look at the desperate moves that Cheuvront has pulled in the last couple of weeks. Recent mailers have recycled years old endorsements from Gabrielle Giffords and Phil Gordon. For those not keeping careful track, Giffords is a friend of Cheuvront but has stayed out of the race, and Gordon has actually endorsed Hobbs.

There is also the other race in the district, Cheuvront’s mother, Jean McDermott-Cheuvront, is now accusing Chad Campbell of being just like Russell Pearce. Yeah. Apparently they are big time buddies.

The implication that they are political allies is ridiculous, but apparently the Cheuvronts can make this accusation because they would never, ever be friendly with anyone on the far right.

The allegation is being made because of the Fiesta Bowl Scandal. The trouble is, Campbell paid for the tickets…and not two years later after his hand was caught in the cookie jar. Bill Montgomery, no friend of any Democrat, singled out Campbell for being above board.

Facts be damned…this is all about the younger Cheuvront trying to get back into office (and not even for a good reason: this is really over setting himself up to run for Justice of the Peace in two years). If it means taking out two of the more effective Democrats in the legislature, so be it. Heck, his Republican friends in the Chamber of Commerce and the development community don’t like them much anyway.

One thought on “Cheuvront and Cheuvront Double Down

  1. Once again, Jean McDermott shows her ignorance & ability to stretch the truth. First she insists that “everyone” knows her by Cheuvront (LIE), now she mails this hit piece which stretches the truth into a long thin line. Campbell may have been “investigated” for all of 6 seconds – when his name showed up in a list of legislators who received Fiesta Bowl tickets, however, next to his name at that time shows PAID by Legislator.

    No one in LD 24 needs Jean McDermott or Ken Cheuvront representing their interests.

    Vote Hobbs for Senate, Alston & Campbell for House.

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