Y tú, Jeff? Paul?

Unfortunately, I gave up being shocked years ago that there are men like Rep. Todd Akin with some supremely ignorant views about rape and how the female reproductive organs actually work. What is disappointing is that people that are so unenlightened are rewarded with high office, even worse that they are probably there precisely because they are complete morons.

As offensive as what Akin said was, it was just words. I mean, he hasn’t tried to enact these ridiculous views into law, has he?

Well, yes he did.

Last year, Akin was one of 227 house members that signed on to HR 3, which at first seemed like a rehash of the perennial Hyde Amendment. The usual Hyde language banned government funding except in cases of rape and incest, but this one appended the word “forcible” to the word “rape.”

There was no reason for the language except to make some sort of line between some rapes (“legitimate,” Akin might say if he is capable of so much thought) and rapes involving drug use or other forms or coercion. Needless to say, it caused an uproar.

So, who else signed on to the bill?

It would surprise none of you that Trent Franks was one of co-sponsors. I’m sure if he was asked about it, he could be counted on saying something even more shockingly idiotic than what Akin said.

The other two are Paul Gosar, who I’m guessing won’t even clear his primary this go around, and…wait for it…

Jeff Flake.

Hey all you reporters out there, I know you read me but don’t like to admit it to your editors, ask Jeff Flake about Akin’s comments. If he distances himself from them (as Mitt Romney has), ask him why he supported a bill that wrote Akin’s ignorant views into law.

10 thoughts on “Y tú, Jeff? Paul?

  1. Wow! That’s all I can think of to say is wow! Flake just handed the women’s vote to Dr. Carmona.

  2. He tried to distance himself on Twitter earlier tonight. I reminded him that he voted for the Ryan/Akin “forcible rape” bill and the Let Women Die in the ER bill last year.

  3. What’s a matter? Congressman Akin not “politically correct” enough for you? Its about “time” that a politico calls it like he sees it! I see a cabinet post in his future!

  4. Carmona needs to jump all over this and, in the same release, hit Flake on other issues where he is anti-woman.

  5. Republitard, Any man who has intercourse with a woman without her conscious consent while she is fully in charge of all of her mental and emotional faculties is raping her, whether he is using physical force or not. Are you in favor of distinguishing rape with physical force from other non-consensual intercourse (Rape), because those are methods YOU have used on women?

  6. JC Bell – Republitard posts purely as a strawman conservative. I confess to finding his posts amusing, but they aren’t to be taken seriously.

    Go back and look at a number of his prior posts and I suspect you will draw teh same conclusion.

  7. Rich doesn’t need to say a thing. Jeff( you have some ‘splainin to do..) can do a fine job, all by himself, of twisting in the wind.

    Akin speaking his mind, has provided a touchstone moment for the ’12 campaign. Even apolitical women, and I know more than a few, got slapped in the face by Akin. If Akin were the only one who thought this way, it would be bad enough, but he is just the only one stupid enough to voice his views.

  8. Guys, I hate to say this. Although Akins/Flake, et. al. are wrong X 3 on this proposal, unfortunately there are some women who will vote for them because of it. We women are not monolithic in our political leanings and we do vote on both sides of issues. Remember Bachman & Palin, for example?

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