Sound and Fury

Funny thing about Jan Brewer’s so-called action yesterday: it doesn’t do anything.

Hey, I didn’t say that, she did. Here she is at yesterday’s press conference:

It actually is no different than what was already in place.

It’s true. Since the president’s directive doesn’t actually grant any new legal status to anyone, Brewer’s “executive order” amounts to announcing that she’s enforcing things that are already covered by state laws.

It’s ridiculous bloviation disguised as action, and I’m sure we’ll hear how this is another demonstration of her gutsyness or some such nonsense. What makes this worse than her usual grandstanding is that she’s basing her “order” on the wrong headed right-wing thesis that Barack Obama “granted amnesty” to millions of people.

It was nothing of the kind. It’s a temporary reprieve. Heck, the fact that it’s not a more permanent solution is a big part of the criticism from Mitt Romney surrogates Carlos Gutierrez and Marco Rubio. Brewer knows that no one has been granted any sort of legal status here.

Brewer could have chosen to have a press conference where she said something like, “Hey, they are still illegal…” and make some sort of statement about lines in the sand or something. Instead, she chose to perpetuate a lie because it’s convenient for her supporters. And, heck, while she’s at it, she gets to metaphorically kick some Mexicans around.

I guess I should just be glad she hasn’t called for shootings.

3 thoughts on “Sound and Fury

  1. Tedski.

    I wish you were right. Up here in the city that’s the source of all problems, the Maricopa Community College District announced that it would charge in-state tuition rates for kids who get the deferral. After Brewer’s order they rescinded that announcement. Now these kids will have to pay out-of-state rates, effectively slamming the door on education for thousands of students.

    Expect Pima down south of the Gila to follow this lead.

  2. I could have sworn the Feds told the qualified dreamers they could get drivers licenses which Jan tells them they can’t.

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