Because We All Really Want Sylvia Allen and Al Melvin to Have More of a Voice

Headline in the Huffington Post:

Jeff Flake, Arizona Senate Candidate, Calls For Ending Direct Election Of Senators

Because there is nothing better than asking voters for their support in a run for an office that you don’t think they should be able to vote for.

So, which of our two Senators does Flake think shouldn’t have been elected? Careful, dude, they both endorsed you.

This enthusiasm to take the votes away from citizens doesn’t have anything to do with his poll numbers these days, does it?


By the way, this may have no effect in Arizona. The reasons are the same as why I always get a chuckle when antidiezysieteistas invoke going back to the good old days before we had democracy.

Those “good old days” when Arizona legislators picked our Senators? They never happened.

Arizona’s first two Senators were elected by an advisory vote and the choice was ratified by the legislature. By the time Marcus Aurelius Smith was up for a full term in 1914, the Seventeenth Amendment had been adopted and Senators were elected nationwide.

Arizona, by the way, was the second state to ratify the amendment.

If for some reason the Seventeenth Amendment were to just disappear, that advisory vote would still exist. The language providing for it is still in the constitution. The statutes that made the vote binding on the legislature don’t seem to be in the law anymore, but I can’t see even the current group of jokers being able to ignore such a clear vote.

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  1. Well said. What is Flake thinking? Telling the public they aren’t informed enough or smart enough to select their own leaders? Good tactic! Sure to win primaries.

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