James Burke Has Nothing to Worry About

A piece from Vic Williams that’s hit mailboxes:

Given we aren’t in Boston or Chicago, I don’t know what local “corrupt government” is coming down on Chick-fil-A. Some local bozo harassing whatever minimum wage employee happens to be available is not the government, sorry Vic.

By the way, what’s it got to do with Rosemont?

So,”corruption” is the reason for county opposition to Rosemont? Here I thought it was concerns raised by area residents and environmental groups about the company and its pie-in-the sky promises about remediation.

It’s got to be “corruption” because, Heaven knows, there is so much money to be made by siding with environmentalists.

I’m glad Williams has cleared that up.

5 thoughts on “James Burke Has Nothing to Worry About

  1. Its funny how, with the notable exception of Ray Carroll, there is not a single Republican running for the Board of Supervisors who seems to have any knowledge about what the Board does, or a single clue about the pedestrian, day-to-day concerns of County Government. The Tea Party mentality has so run amok that few Republicans can even talk about the real world any more.

  2. Williams is an embarrassment, plain and simple.

    He ran for the House as a moderate (while blatantly stealing not just positions, but actual quotes from one of his Democratic foes), but voted like a right-winger. He is now trying to both walk back some of his votes and shore up his support on the right by trotting out transparent crap like this absurd mailer.

    He engaged in an unseemly war of words with his fellow ideologue and mental midget, Al Melvin, in the pages of the Northwest Explorer, somehow managing to make Melvin look GOOD.

    When a group of educators prevailed on Williams to demonstrate the commitment to public schools that he crowed about in his campaign, he lamely said he had to worry about remaining “viable” in the GOP caucus.

    Anyone who lives in this area of the county could cite more examples of Williams and his self-serving ways. The one trait that both Democrats and conservative Republicans share when it comes to Williams is scorn for his hypocrisy and cleazy tactics. He will likely get his ass soundly kicked on August 28th and that will hopefully send him on his way out of local politics.

  3. On another note related to this post, it is hard to understand why some local Democrats persist in extolling the supposed virtues of Ray Carroll. He has been an obstructionist and not a problem-solver on the Board of Supervisors and he is very likley going to seek higher office in the future. Although he joins the rest of the current supervisors in opposing the Rosemont Mine, here are some direct quotes from Carroll’s campaign website that should give all of us pause:

    “The true test on the issue of illegal immigration is SB 1070, which I support and, which I believe the courts will uphold, as nothing more than allowing a state to implement existing federal law. After controlling the border we can then decide on how to implement LEGAL immigration.”

    “Ray has voted against every bloated budget placed before him by the Democrat majority on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. For that and more, the Arizona GOP named Ray “Republican of the Year” in 2009.”

    “For three years, the elected Democrat County Assessor has over valued the Tucson Airport Raytheon property. For three years Raytheon has appealed and won before the State Board of Equalization. Our Democrat Assessor wants to continue harassing them, so he wanted us to support his lawsuit. Raytheon’s attorneys believe that the Assessor will lose in Court and, more importantly, set a precedent in their favor for future assessments. I would suggest that if my opponent really wanted to assist Raytheon, and the rest of the business community, he would have run for Pima County Assessor. We have no Republican in that race.”

    “As a Roman Catholic, I also believe all life is sacred from conception to natural death.”

    In some future election, we are going to have to deal with Ray Carroll as the standard-bearer for the Republican Party. His record on the Board of Supervisors has not been one of achievement, or stature. His record is instead characterized by positions and attitudes that speak to the furtherance of his own political interests. Carroll is very slick and the consummate politcal operator, but we ought not to think that he has bi-partisan tendencies, nor that he has anything but his own self-interest at heart. When he runs for some other office, watch how quickly he tries to assure everyone in the GOP of his conservative credentials.

  4. I never “extolled” the virtues of Ray Carroll. I was merely trying to point out that it seems that he is the only candidate in the Republican field who has a clue about what the board actually does. However, there are at least a dozen reasons why I would never support him.

    This being said, a friend points out to me that I was wrong in my initial assessment. Mike Hellon over in District 1 also gets it, but the fact that we have not heard too much about him tells us what we need to know about the state of the Republican Party in Pima County.

  5. Tom, my comment was not merely in response to yours, but also to some of the prominent Democrats who have donated money to Carroll, a complimentary post about him I saw on Blog for Arizona and other pro-Carroll comments I have heard from people who should know better. His opponent in the primary is, admittedly, a know-nothing and buffoon. However, I wish we could have fielded a good Democrat in that district and regret that Carroll has never faced a truly viable opponent from our party.

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