4 thoughts on “Quick Take

  1. Romney’s inopportune and indelicate remarks about the Olympic plans undertaken by his British hosts brought to mind the arrogance and hubris he showed when he tried to bet $10,000 with Rick Perry during a debate, or the “corporations are people!” remark at the Iowa State Fair. He was genuinely detested by McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee and Thompson during the 2008 GOP primaries for his attitude and demeanor, as well as the condescending tone of his campaign and its ads.

    The Romney campaign is always in attack mode and rarely spends time or capital on extolling the virtues of their candidate. One reason for this is that he just isn’t a very likeable, or genuine guy! Obama would be wise during the fall debates to exploit Romney’s natural tendency to come across as a know-it-all jerk while also playing up his own personal qualities.

  2. Better yet, will he try and pimp himself as being pro-Israel and friend to the Jews by bragging about how he was baptized for people killed in the Holocaust?
    I am sure that they will love to hear about that in Israel.

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