And They Wonder Why…

Here is Republican Party spokesman Shane Wikfors in a bit of a colloquy with Richard Carmona campaign manager Alexis Tamerón:

The back and forth was about Mitt Romney’s tax returns and Barack Obama’s college transcripts. Weird to take it here. I’m sure the same quip would have been made if her name was Irish or Norwegian.

Not really.

By the way, Tamerón’s family has been involved in the civic and business life of Pinal County for generations. Yeah, it’s cool in some circles to question the citizenship of even someone like her. And folks wonder why even native born Latinos are a bit edgy about SB 1070.

3 thoughts on “And They Wonder Why…

  1. Republicans get even nastier when they are losing. So many competitive races, what will they do?

  2. First it was a comment that women critizing a Republican were part of a “bitch session.”

    Now this.

    Wikfors must leave a trail of mucus when he crawls across the floor.

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