Not 1976, But…

The Richard Carmona campaign is bragging about not only the $1.1 million they raised this last quarter, but how much of it came from donors giving less than $250.

Candidates like to tout the number of donors less than $250 (in Carmona’s case, it’s 86% of their donors). It is a way of saying “I’m not the big money candidate. Why, I’m grassroots!” More importantly, the small donors can be tapped again later in the campaign, something that can’t be done with big money donors that maxed out.

This gives Carmona $1.6 million in cash on hand, which is dwarfed by Jeff Flake who has $3 million on hand. But, Flake has a primary to win, one that’s getting ugly.

I never quite bought into Wil Cardon being the Republican nominee. I still don’t. But, there is some concern about Flake’s fundraising. A report in Roll Call says that the money that one would expect to go to a candidate like Flake is not coming to him. That money will come to him in a general election (when he’s only got a matter of weeks to raise it), but his fundraising numbers have prevented him from burying Cardon, who can self fund.

Rather than being buried, Cardon is getting some momentum. He got the endorsement of the Mayor of Mesa this week.

Not that the $3 million isn’t impressive, but remember that Carmona doesn’t have to blow his money on stuff like this:

3 thoughts on “Not 1976, But…

  1. Does anyone else out there remember John Kaites v. Tom McGovern?

    Fire away boys… Fire away.

  2. Oh man, what an awful primary. My favorite part was Kaites holding a press conference to accuse McGovern of taking drugs that Kaites himself had taken, but McGovern hadn’t. Good times.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the two Mormon Rs (Flake and Cardon) duke it out all over AZ. Good times in AZ and in Mormon land! Go Rich Go!

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