In Patience to Abide…

Way back in 1974, Walter Mondale was mentioned as a presidential candidate. He decided against it giving as his reason his desire not to spend his nights sleeping in Holiday Inns.

Folks who don’t run are allowed to complain about what a pain in the nalgas running for office is, but people actually running? Nope: the campaign trail is a marvelous experience and their favorite part of being a politician. That’s what you are supposed to say, or else your opponent will have a chance to do something like this:

That should do wonders for him among the rural voters in the primary.

9 thoughts on “In Patience to Abide…

  1. Meh. I know the adage about when you’re explaining you’re losing, but burden also means obligation or onus.

    Still, not a great choice of words.

    A bit of a bank shot to go from that clip to payday lending, but I realize we’re not exactly talking about Lincoln-Douglas here.

  2. If this is all Ann has she’s got problems. All Paton has to do is show the famous “Safeway video” in Holbrook where she walked away from hundreds of constitutents at her town hall if people want to see someone that thinks talking to constitients is a burden.

  3. Traveling all over a district you’ve never lived in and most of which you never gave a rat’s ass about as a legislator is a major cross to bear.

  4. Lucy:

    If you want to bring on the famous “Safeway” video, please go for it. The truth is Ann Kirkpatrick knows CD1, has lived there most of her life, and is visiting every nook and cranny of this far-flung district.

    The incident you refer to occurred because a bunch of people disrupted a meet and greet and created a dangerous mob situation in which someone was going to get hurt. They didn’t want answers. They deliberately created a situation that was dangerous and ugly.

    After Ann sought – and was refused – assistance from law enforcement to manage the disruption she choose to defuse things by leaving.

    Did she made the wrong decision? Ask someone who was at another very similar event at a Tucson Safeway a few months later.

  5. Context? He said the burden is on him to travel the northern part of the district, but the burden is on his opponents to travel the southern part. Total cheap shot. It was clearly in the context of onus.

    As for Holbrook she ran out of there and it’s like just a bunch of seniors. Yeah, real dangerous… The California plates was a nice touch too.

    As for her traveling “every inch of her district”, what a crock. They haven’t seen her in graham or the white mountains or southern as, for that matter. She’s soooooo lazy!

  6. Grady, I live in Pima County and got an invite to one of Ann’s events in Pima Co. just a few weeks ago. I also volunteered for Barber during the special elex, and saw a bunch of Ann staffers and volunteers working in the Oro Valley office. Not sure where you’re getting your info, but maybe you aren’t interested in facts and just came to this page to attack for the sake of attacking. The Holbrook reference kinda tips your hand on that.

  7. BTW, if Ann had called it a “burden” to travel to any part of CD1, you can bet the teabaggers, Repubs, and probably Paton himself would have pounced on it. So spare us the “she is distorting the video” crap. Paton’s word choice is fair game just like any candidate’s would be. Especially since he is carpetbagging into CD1, he’s going to get extra scrutiny. Man up and own the mistake.

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