Still a Doctor

Both parties have these people called trackers. They’ll be there at candidate’s public events taking video hoping for a “maccaca moment.” Usually, these guys work for the parties. Better not to let a candidate’s campaign get sullied with something that verges so close to espionage.

Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

One such tracker has been following Richard Carmona’s campaign, likely on behalf of the Republicans. Carmona was up in Flagstaff today, ironically on one of the cooler days in Tucson.

The tracker’s battery ran down, and he took this break from his work to ask Dr. Carmona if he could have a look at a bump on his leg. Carmona, according to the Twitter feed of Carmona staffer Andy Barr, diagnosed the bump as a hematoma.

Being a professional, Carmona wanted to note that he should consult his own doctor as well.

Can Jeff Flake do that?

9 thoughts on “Still a Doctor

  1. In his defense, Jeff Flake would have helped out the young man in his own way. For instance, if the international community were deciding whether or not to impose sanctions against him for his stubborn refusal to end his apartheid regime, Jeff Flake would lobby on his behalf.

  2. Actually, Snarky, it’s more likely Flake would’ve ripped off his shirt to make a tourniquet, all while flexing his tanned pecs for the camera. Oh wait, the tracker’s camera battery was dead…

  3. And now for the rest of the story….

    Tracker was fired for taking advantage of socialist free health care. Bruce Ash, in making the announcement. “A real Republican would’ve rather drop dead than take medical advice from a Dem”

  4. This is one of the most disjointed and misleading articles I think I’ve ever seen.
    WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Everything but Dr. Laura’s remarks mean nothing!!!!! Looks as if Tedski’s battery also DIED!!!

  5. Beverly,

    Its unusual for a tracker to even interact with a candidate, much less ask him for medical advice. I don’t blame the kid, though. How often do you get to ask a US. Surgeon General for a medical diagnosis?

  6. Wow, I remember when the thought of being “tracked” scared all of us “mericans”.
    I love it that the tracked are tracking the trekkers…viva Dr. Carmona for sticking to his Hippocrates oath!

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