Quick Take

I saw my first Rosemont Copper ad yesterday (and my second and third as well…). The ad notes, and I’m not sure where this stat comes from, that the proposed mine will only use 20% of the water that a Pecan grove will.

Gee…who are they trying to take a shot at?

7 thoughts on “Quick Take

  1. What I don’t understand is why Wenona Benally-Baldenegro is opposed to the Resolution Copper Mine but favors Rosemont? She claims to be Progressive and environmentally friendly. What gives?

  2. But she’s raffling off a cheap guitar signed by a has-been band, so she must be doing something right.

  3. If you think that Los Lobos are has-beens, then you obviously don’t follow music. They are one of the most respected bands working today and they regularly fill venues all over the country. I suppose if you get all your music knowledge from watching Entertainment Tonight or TMZ, you would not know any of that.

    Pick on Ann or Wenona all you want, but leave David and Cesar alone!

  4. I’m with Tom — don’t diss Los Lobos! That’s a good question from “And Then” about Rosemont vs. Resolution, but how do you know those are Wenona’s positions? Has she commented on them somewhere? Only things I’ve seen from that camp are endless hyperventilating blog posts calling Gabby, Barber, Ann etc racist bigots. (Someone please buy that campaign a handbook on building credibility).

  5. Yep, she comments all the time as she travels CD #1. A steel worker told me about Rosemont. That’s what threw me. She supposedly promised the Steelworkers she would support Rosemont while opposing Resolution and Peabody. By the way, you can add Mario Diaz to their latest rabid attack list. By the time they’re finished, the whole upper leadership of the ADP will be labeled “racist bigots”. Not good for Sal’s and Wenona’s political futures.

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