Franks Incensed

Oh, that poor Club for Growth!

They’ve taken so much grief over the last few years for supporting “insurgent” candidates against the “establishment” in Republican primaries, and they get blamed when those insurgents prove to be too radical (reactionary, really) to win a general election.

This year in Arizona, they’ve endorsed establishment candidate Jeff Flake. So, they are avoiding all of that grief, right?

Well, no.

Here is Wil Cardon’s ad featuring Trent Franks:

Club for Growth is claiming that Franks is just bitter because he wanted to run and the Club wouldn’t support him. Here is their spokesman quoted at Talking Points Memo:

Trent Franks is a good man and it’s a shame that he is allowing his personal bitterness at the Club for Growth PAC’s support of Jeff Flake over him in the U.S. Senate race to cloud his judgment about liberal Wil Cardon.

By the way, you read that right: Wil Cardon is a liberal. Somehow I missed that.

One thought on “Franks Incensed

  1. The Cardon-Flake race is a perfect composite sketch of why the GOP is headed to minority status within the next few election cycles. Flake is a relatively thoughtful and hardworking congressman who will likely run a substantive general election campaign against Carmona if he is nominated. The fact that he has to face Cardon, who is nothing but a shorter, more rotund version of Jesse Kelly, is due to the fact that Cardon represents several majority viewpoints within today’s Republican Party and has enough personal wealth to run a viable race.

    If Flake loses to Cardon, it will be a macro version of Kelly beating Paton, or Melvin beating Hershberger. We can then look for Cardon to experience the same fate as other right-wing Senate candidates in Delaware and Nevada. The GOP is purging any candidate who is not in lockstep with the Tea Party and is putting forth general election candidates that are anathema to swing voters.

    It’s hard to feel too bad for Flake, however, after he joined McCain in abandoning his once-sensible position on immigration in the face of criticism from his right flank. As for Franks, he is a total opportunist and always has been. A local example is how he, as a congressman whose district is completely outside Pima County, feels compelled to weigh in on a local race:

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