And They Are Still Complaining…

I was forwarded an op-ed from the Arizona Republic by Ruben Gallego that was a response to a piece by Andy Tobin about the redistricting process.

Yes, folks, Tobin and his friends are still complaining.

For those that need a rundown, redistricting in Arizona is done by a independent panel appointed by both the Democratic and Republican legislative caucuses. The panel also includes a fifth member who is registered as a member of neither party.

This process is horribly unfair to folks like Tobin, who were gobsmacked to find out that they didn’t get to draw the lines. They’ve been filing a series of lawsuits, at your expense and all so far unsuccessful, to stymie the things. This is despite the fact that the commission is part of the state constitution thanks to an amendment the voters passed nearly a decade and a half ago.

Tobin’s op-ed takes a new tack: he’s doing it all to help the Hispanic community.

Yeah. Andy Tobin is a fierce defender of the Hispanic community. As a member of Arizona’s Hispanic community, I say, gracias, vato. I’m so happy to read a Republican legislative leader tell people in “South Phoenix and South Tucson” what “the people of the Hispanic community should be concerned” with.

Tongue firmly in cheek there.

Hey, I wasn’t entirely happy with the redistricting process. And, yes, Hispanic organizations and politicians were not happy with it either. But, let’s remember what Tobin wants: he wants the power to draw the lines to rest, once again, with legislative leadership. As dissatisfied as I was with the process, it was open to the public.

For example, here in Tucson, a group of Hispanic leaders organized to lobby the commission and were able to get some changes to the final map. Would they have been let into the room if folks like Tobin and Steve Pierce were meeting to draw the lines? Excuse me for being a bit dubious.

Who knows? Maybe Tobin’s sudden concern for the rights of Hispanic voters will now extend to other areas.


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