Possibly the Funniest Political News of the Week

You may have read a little bit about this; it even made Wonkette.

Russell Pearce had a fundraiser scheduled yesterday, and he had to cancel it when no one wanted to host it.

The fundraiser was organized by lobbyist Gretchen Jacobs (yes, there are lobbyists who still like Pearce), an ally of pro-bullying activist Cathy Herrod. The event was originally scheduled for a Macayo’s restaurant in Phoenix.

Then, to use the passive, calls were placed. Some were organized by a group in Phoenix called the Tequila Party, but also organizations that schedule events there like the Arizona Education Association made their displeasure known. The Macayo folks didn’t want to deal with the grief, so they canceled the event. This left Jacobs with only a few hours to find a new location.

Jacobs picked a new restaurant: Oaxaca Restaurant and Cantina. My Baja Arizona readers might not be familiar with the place, but it is near the capitol and has become a hangout for politicos of all persuasions. It is a favorite spot for Ed Pastor.

Here is the fun part: the family that used to own the place had to give it up and it is now owned by Chicanos por la Causa. CPLC doesn’t exactly form a part of Pearce’s political base.

The manager told the Capitol Times that Jacobs didn’t tell him who the event was for. Needless to say, when the manager found out that it was on behalf of Pearce, he was less than amused.

This left Jacobs to move the event with even shorter notice. She arrived at holding it at the Phoenix Central High School library, ’cause Pearce’s folks are so into books.

The school cancelled the event citing short notice, the size of the event plus possible protestors. It couldn’t have helped much that the school board, which includes Laura Pastor, got wind of it.

Time for the Irony Board. Here is Pearce quoted in the Capitol Times:

Make no mistake: I am undeterred by a few individuals who are motivated by hatred in lieu of discussing the issues

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like anyone I know.

2 thoughts on “Possibly the Funniest Political News of the Week

  1. I was at an event this week and heard this story. I also overheard a lobbyist in response to this story giving the ol’ “we should have stood up to him sooner, but now we are” line.

    ex post facto mia culpa FAIL.

    Did this lobbyist want congratulations for standing up now? It’s like my dad used to say, “you should not be congratulated for something you should be expected to do.”

  2. “But he was so powerful!” They would say. Of course, he was powerful because they worked hard to make sure he remained so, as long as he was useful.

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