But, That’s Different…

I received a report from one of my top correspondents who attended yesterday’s meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

John Huppenthal made an appearance. No word on whether he tried to nail a campaign banner to the wall.

Anyway, Huppenthal tried to sell attendees on a Mandarin immersion program.

It’s early in the morning, you’ll have to excuse me for not being able to wrap my head around this. The man who has presided over the continuing dismantling of cultural studies and bilingual education actually said to a group of civic leaders interested in strengthening ties between Arizona and Mexico that students need to learn Mandarin.

Hmm. Maybe after Huppenthal is done with any program that smacks of Chicanismo, his successor will need a program to campaign against. He wants to set this one up just so the next guy can bloviate against it.

Hey, doesn’t make any less sense than anything else that has gone on in politics here lately.

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