Is is 2014 Already?

I was sent this little clip from Sunday Square Off. In it the three panelists make their prognostications. Phil Gordon, who serves as the panel’s leftist (yeah, liberal media, right?), predicted that the next Gubernatorial showdown will be between Fred DuVal and Ken Bennett.

Bennett should have the inside track in a Republican primary. His recent swim in the birther pool shows he’s still clumsy with his feints to the far right. Very clumsy.

DuVal has been making the rounds among Democratic elected officials and activists (full disclosure: I was one of those to whom rounds were made). Other names thrown around are Chad Campbell (who managed to make a lot of hay from Bennett’s birther fiasco), Randy Parraz (a dream candidate for progressive activists, but I get the feeling he doesn’t actually want to run) and, yes, his name is still out there, Terry Goddard.

5 thoughts on “Is is 2014 Already?

  1. If the “Open Primary” initiative makes the ballot, there will be three candidates on a PRIMARY ballot: Ken Bennett, Fred DuVal and Paul Johnson?

    If that happens, and the top two advance, who will they be?

  2. The use if the term “feint” implies that they were not real. Clumsy lurches to the right you mean.

    It’s ok to admit you were wrong about him Ted.

  3. A feint is still an attack.

    Barb, all I said in earlier posts is that he’s a decent guy. I never said I’d vote for him, ‘cept maybe for my condo board.

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