Yeah, How’d That Work Out?

My chief frustration with Mark Stegeman in this whole ethnic studies mess is his assumption that Tom Horne and John Huppenthal have any incentive to act like reasonable people who can be bargained with.

So, what we have now is this plan for a “multicultural cirriculum.” They’ve put a first rate guy in charge of developing it, but I figure it won’t fly. Heck, it’s got the word “multicultural” in it.

I mean, do we think any cirriculum that includes more Hispanic history than a viewing of Zorro movies will fly?

By the way, that would have to be Guy Williams’s Zorro. Antonio Banderas’s accent brings him dangerously close to chicanismo.

Anyhow, check out what David Safier has written over at Blog for Arizona on the subject. Precis: surprise, surprise, Horne and company don’t want anything but more conflict.

Sometimes, you can be the smartest guy in the room and have a pile of letters after your name and still be horribly naive.

14 thoughts on “Yeah, How’d That Work Out?

  1. That is not a post its a rant over something that hasn’t occurred yet. Is that really the most pressing and important thing that happened in the past week?

  2. Instead, I think Hispanics should march in the streets, shut down traffic, kick a couple white people’s asses, and support La Raza or Aztlan and demand the return of the land back to Mexico… Lets ignore the fact that the USofA kicked Mexico’s butt and on February 2 ,1848, the two countries signed the Treaty of Guadalupe which stated that U.S. troops would withdraw from Mexico, including Mexico City and take ownership of the Southwestern United States. Let’s not forget the U.S. agreed to buy the land from Mexico for $15 million, even though it was won squarely in victory and there was no obligation to do so.

    So after we recognize Hispanics and have Hispanic multiculturalism programs lets talk about my people, the native people of the land who were here before even Mexicans set foot on the land…

    Last time I checked we didn’t have any classes on the Irish, Swedish, or German heritages…

    E pluribus unum!

  3. The Treaty of Guadalupe does not apply to the region south of the Gila including the Mesilla valley. That was purchased in 1853 with the Gadsen purchase and was not part of the Treaty of Guadalupe.

    Unless your ancestry includes Tohono O’odham, or Yaqui, or Apache or any of the other native American groups that were here before people from Europe arrived in the New World then your ancesters arrived here after Mexican occupation. The Spanish founded the Presidio of Tucson in 1775. The Republic of Mexico came into being in the 1820s. The Irish, Swedish and German ancestors came later and are not native to this area. By the way many Irish fought for the Mexican army in the San Patricio Battalion deserting the U.S. Army because they were discriminated against by the dominant Protestant culture at that time in the U.S.

  4. Whocares, it wasn’t a football game, so the “spoils of war” argument doesn’t justify anything. The intent of civilization is to become more civilized as time goes on, not less. Otherwise, it would be perfectly legal for me to come to your house, and take your stuff. The only justification necessary would be that I’m bigger and stronger.

    Besides which, I think e pluribus unum is backwards. Diversity is the natural order of things. Monoculturalism eventually stagnates and withers. Look how well it worked for the Romans.

  5. Tracy: None of that is true. You have obviously been brainwashed by ethnic studies and its lies. All Good Americans know that Arizona was founded by John Wayne. Mexicans need to accept their second-class status. They did not build a civilization in the wilderness or fight our wars and have NO RITE to complain. They should be thankful for everything that white people have done for them.

    I will tolerate the gripes of our native american brothers and sisters because I am 1/32 Cherokee. I have a problem when they start talking about sovrenty, when they refuse to let us share in their casino monopolies, or when they ask us to spend our taxpayer money to build stuff on their reservations.

    I would suggest that you reject polemical liberal history and instead read the 5000 Year Leap or a real, unbiased, history of America.

  6. My family was here long before anyone Europeans were here. If you want you are welcome to come listen to my Great Grandfather read the family staff, he does it every month.

    The point is, my family doesn’t give a crap what color your skin is, the only color they are concerned with is the color of your heart!

    My family was killed, raped, infested with disease, had all their property stolen, given false promises from the Federal Government, had our livelihoods stolen, had our crops stolen, had our livestock stolen, had our kids stolen, and had our culture stolen.

    In spite of all this my family fought in WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, and the current wars. My brother, uncle, and three cousins were original founding members contracting for ICE and spend almost every day tracking drug smugglers and human traffickers on the border.

    My family was here long before and will be here long after any of the current opportunists are… Again, my family doesn’t give a crap what color your skin is, the only color they are concerned with is the color of your heart! We don’t need anyone to teach our kids about our heritage, we teach them our heritage by living it. My family is American!

  7. Who Cares,
    That is the most intelligent comment I have read on this BLOG including my own.

  8. It should be noted that Whocares’ rant violates the provisions of HB 2281 by promoting racial resentment, advocating ethnic solidarity, and promoting the overthrow of the U.S. Government.

  9. What I really love is how Elizabeth Warren and now Obama think they can hijack my heritage…

  10. “Your” heritage interesting choice of words. How do you know it’s not my heritage as well? You don’t. Just like you don’t own America and are not the only patriot.

  11. Whocares you act like every native american descendent thinks like you. They don’t so honestly “your” heritage has no bearing how people can and do label themselves.

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