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I try not to seek out conservative bias in the media. I’ve talked to enough reporters to know that what looks like “bias” could be poor editing or, yes, laziness at times. Still, once in a while I see something that makes me wonder.

Today, JT Ready was killed after he massacred a family. For those who don’t know much about Ready, he was a white supremacist and candidate for Sheriff up in Pinal County. He had been a buddy of Russell Pearce at one point, until they had a falling out. Despite his numerous hate filled statements, the man was a welcome presence at anti-immigration rallies. So, you wouldn’t exactly place this guy on the left end of the political spectrum, would you?

This from KOLD’s website:

Ready identified himself as a “National Socialist,” so “Socialist” could be shorthand. But that shorthand misidenitifies his politics, politics that could have had a lot to do with why he committed this attrocity. Also, it lets his fellow travellers off the hook.

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  1. Oh, my! I just called them (5:20) to let them know. The guy who answered was obviously aware of the problem and was obviously helpless to fix it. Before I could explain the error, he jumped in and said “We know, it’s a computer error!”

    Okayyyy, seems it should be an easily FIXABLE computer error.

  2. Cluelessness on the part of one headline writer doesn’t make a case for or against liberal bias in the media.

  3. Way to go, we wouldn’t want offend any socialists no would we?

    More hypocrisy… the kettle is looking pretty black to me…

  4. Just don’t forget that Jared Lee Loughner is a Democrat and George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”…

    Damn, this is fun!

  5. For the record, National Socialism is a fascistic, racist system, and really has nothing to do with socialism as we know it, which typically desires an egalitarian society. I don’t think there’s very much equality in a movement that is xenophobic to the point of homicide.

    To Whocares’s point, I don’t think this is about offending anyone, but rather being factually accurate as well as not attributing a rabidly racist’s psychopathic actions to an unaffiliated group.

  6. Dearest Commenters,

    Speaking as a journalist (and, in full disclosure, a member of the KOLD/KMSB news team), we’re gonna make mistakes every so often. And we THANK YOU for pointing them out to us.

    Despite what you hear on talk radio, media people don’t come from another planet. Arrogance is one thing, but messing up is another. What’s sad is that we’ve got too many people who assume all mistakes like this are part of some evil [left|right]-wing agenda.

    Your Humble Servant,

  7. Hey Teddy,
    So what was your intent on posting this? Are you trying disassociate yourself and your party from the National Socialists by pointing out a distinction between the National Socialists and “Socialists”? By doing so it appears that you, like others in your party, are defining your values and ideals as socialist. Is that the case? So much for the Pre-Roosevelt or Purple Democrat…

  8. Where is the outrage over the WaPo story about Romney? Your double standard is funny!

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