…and the Book of Judges Promotes Ethnic Hatred of Canaanites

La Cervecera signed Terri Proud’s “Bible study” bill today, which just goes to show that students in Arizona are allowed to study their culture as long as they are Protestants.

8 thoughts on “…and the Book of Judges Promotes Ethnic Hatred of Canaanites

  1. We are all allowed to eat Mexican food anywhere in Tucson if you support MAS, if not you can only eat it east of Wilmot road..

  2. Magoo-

    You didn’t understand what I was saying about Stegeman, obviously. He’s spent the last year or so antagonizing Hispanic activists, but expects not to be given grief when showing up at an event where many of them happen to live, that’s all I was saying. So, you can making accusations now, thanks.

  3. Own it? No. Is it inspired and fueled by Hispanic culture, pride and activism? Absolutely.

  4. I hope that this law gets challenged in court and loses. I can’t see how it can be possible to create the course in such a way that it is not going to be preferential to one religious argument or another.

  5. I suppose that the only way for the class to be truly neutral is for an atheist to teach it.
    I volunteer.

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