Ash Joins the Black Helicopter Crowd

Another gem from our favorite Republican talker, Bruce Ash, this time from his Facebook page:

Kudos to AZ House member Judy Burges ,Speaker Tobin and Senate President Pierce for their leadership on moving SB 1507 through the Arizona Legislature !!

SB 1507 will prohibit the imposition of UN Agenda 21 here in Arizona which an insidious plan by the United Nations to force their governance on our state , counties, municipalities, schools and even neighborhoods.

UN Agenda 21 preaches population control as well as control of where we live and how we live. UN Agenda strips America of our wealth and threatens our sovereignty.

If SB 1507 passes and is signed by Governor Brewer we will join OK,NH,MS and TN in passge of this important legislation to protect our liberty and way of life.

This is a must pass piece of legislation.

Agenda 21, by the way, involves encouraging local governments to enact sustainable development plans. Near as I can tell, there is no enforcement mechanism, no coercion, no jack booted thugs. The bill itself is three paragraphs and probably unenforceable. This “must pass” piece of legislation does, well, nothing. But hey, it lets folks like Bruce Ash sound the alarm and flap their jowls. Next up, he’ll be stopping the Amero.

I’m sure, though, that Bruce’s argument here is carefully reasoned and involved researching every last fact. But, wait, what’s this in the first comment on his post:

Robert Burges: She’s a State Senator now Bruce.

Couldn’t have gotten something so simple wrong, could he? He always cares about the facts.

19 thoughts on “Ash Joins the Black Helicopter Crowd

  1. I remember when I came back from a couple years in Bosnia in 1998 I was at a department store buying shirts. The woman helping me somehow got on the topic of how the UN was spying on Americans and black helicopters were flying around (yep, she said it).

    It was one of those “oh my God, these people actually believe this stuff” moments.

    I told her that I just came back from a job for which we had several contracts with the UN and I assured her that the UN could not organize itself to buy drugs at a String Cheese Incident concert, let alone invade America.

    Blank stare.

    Probably the same kind of stare you would get from Bruce when confronted with actual facts — just before he opens his mouth to spew the same old talking points.

  2. Don’t believe me.

    Look at UN Agenda 21.

    I know you love more government telling us what to do all the way down to where we live, where we work, what we pay for .

    More government = Less liberty

    UN Agenda 21 may be OK for England which does not have a constitution but in America we do.

    While you may not consider the US Constitution an impediment to your so called “progressive” ideology there are still a lot Americans who do honor our founding documents and consider UN Agenda 21 a threat to our sovereignty.

    If you want the UN telling you how to run your life that is fine.Maybe then you try the UK ( they have free healthcare don’t they ). Otherwise I would respect our country’s constitution first and let Americans make decisions on how we live.

    I co sponsored the resolution to prohibit UN Agenda 21 at the RNC last year and I support the same here in AZ.

  3. The UK does have a Constitution, Bruce. It is called the Magna Carta. I think you would admit to knowing that if you were not so busy trying to pretend to be illiterate.

    I thought you Movement Conservatives were supposed to be big-time anglophiles. Times are changing indeed.

  4. Magna Carta, also called Magna Carta Libertatum, is an English charter, originally issued in the year 1215 and reissued later in the 13th century in modified versions. The later versions excluded the most direct challenges to the monarch’s authority that had been present in the 1215 charter. The charter first passed into law in 1225; the 1297 version, with the long title (originally in Latin) The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, and of the Liberties of the Forest, still remains on the statute books of England and Wales.
    The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties, and accept that his will was not arbitrary, for example by explicitly accepting that no “freeman” (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right which is still in existence today.
    Magna Carta was the first document forced onto an English King by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their privileges. It was preceded and directly influenced by the Charter of Liberties in 1100, in which King Henry I had specified particular areas wherein his powers would be limited.
    Despite its recognised importance, by the second half of the 19th century nearly all of its clauses had been repealed in their original form. Three clauses remain part of the law of England and Wales, however, and it is generally considered part of the uncodified constitution. Lord Denning described it as “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot”.[1] In a 2005 speech, Lord Woolf described it as “first of a series of instruments that now are recognised as having a special constitutional status”,[2] the others being the Habeas Corpus Act (1679), the Petition of Right (1628), the Bill of Rights (1689), and the Act of Settlement (1701).
    The charter was an important part of the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in the English speaking world, and it was Magna Carta (rather than other early concessions by the monarch) which survived to become a “sacred text”.[3] In practice, Magna Carta in the medieval period did not in general limit the power of kings, but by the time of the English Civil War it had become an important symbol for those who wished to show that the King was bound by the law. It influenced the early settlers in New England[4] and inspired later constitutional documents, including the United States Constitution.[5

  5. Bruce,

    I always knew you were a child. Even fifth graders know how to reword something so that it doesn’t look like you copied and pasted.

    Agenda 21 is a sustainability initiative, you idiot. There is no grand conspiracy. There is no clandestine effort to undermine your freedoms or your right to make an ass out of yourself over and over and over and over again. There are no brownshirts coming to kick down your door and take your crayons.

    Lets just say that there was a conspiracy. A covert campaign to undermine the sovereignty of our state. What would the UN’s chief goal in this power grab be? What is their endgame? Do you believe this is part of a larger plan to create a eauro-socialist world-state run by a bunch of liberal fairies? Do you believe that those governments who opt in will be consolidated into an evil world wide empire hell bent on revoking your liberty?

    Seriously. Don’t dodge it. Follow your own logic to its own end. Where does such a conspiracy take us?

    Also, don’t pretend to care about individual liberty. If you did care, you wouldn’t spend your time telling women what to do with their bodies, telling doctors how to interact with their patients or telling men and women who can marry who. It is directly through the actions and rantings of people like you that we have the most invasive state government in the Union. This is not something to be proud of.

    Also, I would consider whether or not questioning people’s loyalty and patriotism is really a good idea. There are plenty of readers and writers on this blog who have done more for this community and country than you have, and they don’t question your love for country just because you happen to be a moron.

  6. Dear democrat DittoHeads

    I’ve made the points I wished to make. I see no sense to have a bonding experience with you all.

    TTFN. I have real business to do for the day.

  7. ….such as to say Mr. Ash implies that none of the lefties who took time to write (rather than cut and paste) do any work. I am a million dollar producing real estate agent. I work my butt off. I love my country. I will defend it again actual invaders. This US project is nothing but a set of aspirational goals.

    So, I return to my original point: I have ACTUAL experience with the U.N. (which I doubt Mr. Ash does) and there is no way they have the capability to launch an overt or covert campaign against the US. They could not even protect Bosnians from snipers.

    But Mr. Ash needs enemies (lefty and imaginary rather than foreign and domestic in this case) in order to motivate himself and his followers. Logic and facts will not deter that.

  8. Bruce,

    You didn’t make any points. You rambled about something that you dont understand, copied and pasted a Wikipedia article and then said “I’m taking my ball and going home.”

    Not surprising. It is true, though. You do have a busy day ahead of you, filled with more political failures and maybe a meeting with the City Attorney to discus the financing of your last public embarrassment in 2011.

    Get to it Bruce. We wouldn’t be nearly as successful down here if it weren’t for your diligent efforts. I hope you ate you wheaties

  9. Hey Mr. Ash, if the citizens of the UK say it is a constitution, like say…Lord “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot” Denning, does that not mean it is a constitution? Or does a constitution only become one when you say it is?

  10. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Ash took the time to google Magna Carta. Although it was not new to me, it makes me happy that Bruce himself now knows something about it. I’m surprised that he didn’t stumble upon and include the fact that H. Ross Perot purchased one of the few original copies at a fantastic sum several years back. And here again in Ron Paul, in a similar election year, we have another ornery, but principled, Texan. Good luck with that, Republicans.

  11. Mr. Ash,

    I suggest you take a look at the fiscal review that Tennessee did when contemplating similar nutty legislation in their state. You can find it tucked in the article I wrote. I’d also like to point out that this has NOT passed in any of the states you mentioned. Once you read the fiscal review Tennessee did, maybe you’ll understand why.

  12. Oh. I see you already went to the site and left a comment.

    “UN Agenda 21 must be stopped in Arizona.

    As a co sponsor of the RNC resolution against UN Agenda 21 I support SB1507 being passed and signed by the Governor.
    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

    Perhaps you may want to revisit and try reading it with an open mind.

  13. In the UK people get locked up for writing some of the things written here in this blog.Not here.

    Glad we live in America where despite Socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders
    who come up with goofy free speech restrictions we Americans still retain our right of expression.

    As the wiki piece pretty clearly points out many areas of the Magna Carta have been repealed long ago and the freedoms “enjoyed” there are rather different than here at home.

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