Here We Go Again: The Red Star Picks on Another Patriot

It’s really unfair for our morning daily, known to us in the know as the Red Star, to pick on Frank Antenori for his FEC report.

Brady McCombs throws around math and numbers to make his case that Antenori’s campaign is not doing well. I’d like to point out to comrade McCombs that “math” also supposedly proves global warming and doesn’t work well with supply-side economics, so Frank will tell him where to stick it.

McCombs says that other candidates have raised at least three times as much as Antenori. Well, so what? Frank was elected precinct committeeman, which means he can take down Ron Barber.

What McCombs fails to note in his attempt to placate his Obama administration handlers is that Antenori has raised almost four times as much as he did in his 2006 race. That means he’ll get four times the votes.

Buy your swearing-in tickets today.

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: The Red Star Picks on Another Patriot

  1. Frank really needs to step up his fundraising.

    If there is any good that Frank can try to spin from this it’s that if he wins next week’s primary, he is not owned by anybody with no wealthy contributors that he owes money & no outside groups either.

    The Republican Party in CD8 will unite behind its nominee whomever that ends up being.

  2. Frank is gonna get it handed to him on a silver platter. He’s done, stick a fork in him.

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