Because You Demanded It…

…today in Daniel Patterson news.

Talk is that Chad Campbell will once again try to get Patterson expelled, possibly by having Terri Proud or Jack Harper introduce the motion.

I understand Campbell’s frustration here, but I fail to see what these continued motions are going to do. The Republicans have already agreed to expedite the process, which means hearings next week. If Patterson’s defense in front of an ethics hearing match his defenses with the press and investigators, he’ll be gone shortly after the hearings commence.

And by the way, he’s been absent from the capitol for most of this week, and may not even be around to offer his defense next week. This talk of this being an emergency sound a bit overblown when Patterson is over a hundred miles away. He’s more of a danger to residents of Barrio Santa Rosa or where ever he’s living these days than he is to folks on West Washington.

Patterson should be gone, but let’s let the process work.

UPDATE: Patterson took to Twitter to announce a press conference set for Tuesday morning.

5 thoughts on “Because You Demanded It…

  1. Ted, no motion was made so not sure who told you that. And I have to stress, for those people not here who haven’t been working with him the past month or so, it’s probably hard to understand the situation. Bottom line is this: you know how we get back to working on policy, we kick him out. No delay.

  2. Strategically speaking, the House Dems. did a masterful job of showing who believes in holding members accountable for bad behavior, and who does not.

  3. Yes, that is just what we need, the AZ legislature to get back to working on policy…

    We really need another bill that makes blogging illegal because it might annoy someone… BRAVO!!

  4. I think I would like to see policy created that would make it illegal to propose racially targetting bills and setting term limits on public elected offices like oh I don’t know Sheriffs.

    That is just my suggestion.

  5. Just how does a bill racially target anything? We currently have term limits.. it is called an election…

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