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Reporter Jim Small got into a short Twitter colloquy last night with Reps. Chad Campbell and Katie Hobbs over what to do with Daniel Patterson.

Small’s question was, why skip the process and go for a quick expulsion vote?

My question too. Of course, I think Patterson should just resign. It’s become obvious, however, that his megalomania wont allow for that moment of reflection and contrition necessary for him to call it quits.

I spoke to a Democratic member yesterday and there is a genuine fear on the part of members and staff of what Patterson may pull next. There are already reports of Patterson lashing out at staff over the revelations. The member told me that the push for a quick expulsion is because of safety concerns.

I appreciate that, but I’m concerned about the precedent that a vote without an ethics hearing would set. This puts me, for probably the first time in my life, in league with Andy Tobin (I’ll shower later). There have already been instances of the rules against impugning a member being used to muzzle arguments from minority party members. The last thing we need is to set a precedent for kicking out a member by simply a vote.

There is, however, another precedent that may address safety concerns. Back in the early 80s, a member named Danny Peaches was highly abusive towards his staff. Leadership was in a bind, since there were actually no rules that prohibited such behavior towards staff in those days. They got a legal finding that said that a member is not entitled to anything but a desk on the floor of the legislature. So, they took away Peaches’s office and his access to staff.

Something similar could be done here. Patterson’s access to Democratic staff is already cut off with his “principled” re-registration this weekend. But a Peaches-style cut off would keep him out of members-only areas and limit his staff contact. Heck, it may even make him want to resign.

Best of all, it wouldn’t set a precedent.

7 thoughts on “Something to Consider

  1. Interesting concept. I read the report. He’s got to go, but it is important to not open the door to other abuses. Is there any support for your plan.

  2. Good ol’ Daniel Peaches. Funny how legislators with the initials DP have substance abuse issues.

  3. So, here is what you do:

    Get a team of top notch politicos together and have a secret meeting with Patterson about how they think he would make a perfect candidate for congress. Because why not? Voters have such a short memory, they will forget about this in no time! If McCain can be a Senator with his temper and history, Patterson can too, no problem. And since you don’t have to be in the district to run, they can create some elaborate story about one of these districts here in the state for some extra leverage.
    Lure Patterson out of the Leg by feeding his ego and poof! We are done. The politicos can go back to whatever they were doing and Patterson will go on his merry delusional way thinking he is running for congress. If David Crow is doing it, why not Patterson?

  4. … along with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

    What, no Sammy Davis Jr?

    Oh right … Arizona.

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