And in Other News…

Oh what fun, look at the Capitol Times:

Federal authorities are investigating Attorney General Tom Horne over allegations that he illegally collaborated with an independent expenditure committee that spent more than a half-million dollars on negative ads against his Democratic opponent in 2010, the Arizona Capitol Times has learned.

Apparently the whistle blower on this was Don Dybus, who oddly enough was one of the billboard lobbyists I complained about last week.

Oh, by the way: Nathan Sproul involved in something shady? I’m shocked.

3 thoughts on “And in Other News…

  1. Of the many things Nathan Sproul has done in his shameless career, this story brings one in particular to mind. In 2004 Sproul worked with Tom Liddy, then Chair of the Maricopa County Republican Party, to launder money into the Scottsdale mayoral race on behalf of Steve Ellman, who wanted to attack David Ortega. Ellman’s motive was to retaliate against Ortega for opposing public subsidies for Ellman’s Los Arcos redevelopment. When Liddy and Sproul spent the money on the race, there wasn’t even a Republican in the race! The following article discusses the money laundering:

  2. Say, isn’t Nathan Sproul the man that Bruce Ash brought up here from Phoenix to stink up the City Council race last year?

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