Yep, It’s About Shaming Folks

Terri Proud’s e-mail to a constituent on an abortion law she’s pushing shouldn’t be too surprising. This is not, and never was, about making sure women are informed. It’s about shaming people who don’t share Proud’s moral viewpoint.

Hey, Proud is pro-life. Good for her. Well, why not write a law banning abortion in Arizona? You’ve got a legislature that would pass it, a governor that would sign it and a US Supreme Court that would probably uphold it.

Of course, they’ve made a political choice. They’d rather keep the issue and keep their base excited. Pass a law curtailing reproductive rights here and there, just enough to keep their supporters excited but not enough to get the majority of Arizonans mad enough to do something about it. Talk about women being “fully informed,” all the while hoping that the winks towards the right are enough to keep getting re-elected. Hey, if you don’t want to ban abortion and access to brith control, why not just shame those “immoral” people by making them tell their employers or subjecting them to humiliating tests? Nothing is an easier political sell than to shame folks that are unpopular with your base.

I’m glad to see Rep. Proud admitting it.


One bright spot I’ve seen in the current argument is that Democrats have not been shy about joining it. I wish there was a little bit more of this when SB 1070 passed.

I was amazed at how many congressional candidates sent out press releases on this, not a national issue but a state one. The senate candidates have gotten involved too. Richard Carmona wrote a piece in Huffington Post about Nancy Barto’s bill, and Don Bivens is running this ad:

2 thoughts on “Yep, It’s About Shaming Folks

  1. Rich – you lost me with your line below. Unless you were referring to child molestation, the church is not involved in “certain” practices and if they want to dictate health policy then they should forgo their tax exemption. That’s it, I am not voting for you.

    “I understand and support the exemption for religious groups not wanting to be involved in certain practices.” Richard Carmona

  2. It’s not just about exciting their base, it’s also about raising lots of money. If you want to see the real abortion industry – the folks profiting off of abortion – here you go.

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