AFL-CIO Announces More Endorsements

A while back, the state AFL-CIO announced the endorsements of Raúl Grijalva, Ed Pastor and Gabrielle Giffords. Although the Giffords endorsement turned out to be moot, none of the names were surprising.

They released another set of federal endorsements today. They endorsed Richard Carmona for the US Senate over Don Bivens. Yep, Carmona is seen as a favorite in some circles (and, by the way, got the endorsement of former Governor Rose Mofford today), but Bivens has been selling himself as a populist alternative to the “establishment” candidate. Labor isn’t biting.

They also endorsed former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in the sprawling* CD 1. Wenona Benally-Baldenegro has also been trying to sell herself as the more progressive alternative, and has a better case in this respect than Bivens does against Carmona. She had the early endorsement of the United Steel Workers, which was a big get given Kirkpatrick’s strong advocacy of mining in Pinal County, but, as the sports guys say, she couldn’t convert when it came to the big endorsement. Yep, she’s running against a “Blue Dog,” but labor seemed to want to go with the person that has the stronger campaign and has won before.

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The biggest surprise for me is in Congressional District 9 where they endorsed Kyrsten Sinema. Given how competitive the race is looking to be, I expected them to hold off for a bit.

* The North American Conference of Political Journalists and Bloggers recently passed a rule mandating that Arizona’s Congressional District 1 always be refered to as “sprawling.” This struck down an earlier rule mandating that the phrase “the size of Pennsylvania” always be used when desrcibing the district.

One thought on “AFL-CIO Announces More Endorsements

  1. First, a little public disclosure. Ann Kirkpatrick is a friend, and I’m standing by my friend.

    On the other hand I’m also fond of Ms. Baldenegro’s family (her father-in-law Salomon, in particular), as well as some of her progressive positions, and we have mutual acquaintences who will forever have a place in my heart.

    I won’t speak ill of her, and I hope her husband wins the legislative seat he is seeking in Southwest Arizona.

    Having laid out all that, Ann is the better candidate. Ann is a lifetime resident of the district. Her moderate positions are more in line with the issues and interests of rural Arizona, and she did a much better job in Congress on a bill that would allow the mine in Superior to advance through compromise instead of trying to run over some reasoned opposition from environmentalists and the tribes.

    The AFL-CIO was right to endorse Ann.

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