Barber for the Full Term

At this hour, Ron Barber is announcing his bid for CD 2 congressional seat. This would mean he is no longer running just as a placeholder candidate for the unexpired term of Gabrielle Giffords.

This ruins the day of Steve Farley, Paula Aboud, Matt Heinz and Nan Walden. Although, I heard speculation that Heinz would run anyway. I have my doubts. I think that is based more on him jumping the gun on the interim district 8 seat and I haven’t spoken to him about it.

It also probably ruins the day of Dustin Cox too. He had a free pass to get into the state senate before this. This means he’d have to get back into a crowded LD 9 house primary that might include Paula Aboud.

UPDATE: Jim Small has tweeted confirmation that Farley is running for senate and Heinz is indicating that he may stay in.

15 thoughts on “Barber for the Full Term

  1. Course he is… it brings more attention to his ‘fund’ and new found celebrity status.

  2. While I think Ron is a nice man, I do not believe that this was fair to some good people who stayed out of the CD 8 race to help him and I believe with the understanding that he would not run for CD 2. It would have been far better if he would run for CD 2 or would have announced early enough for the others to have run in CD 8. Because of their being polite to Ron, they will have to choose to either run against an incumbent or give up their plans.

  3. Sounds like Rep. Farley and Nan Walden have dropped out, but Senator Aboud & Rep. Heinz (and politcal newcomer Nomiki Konst) may still be in this CD 2 race. If Ron Barber wins the CD 8 election in June, he may have the Congressional incumbency status to prevail in August.

  4. Ron is a very good and decent person. He has served his Congresswoman and his constituents wonderfully. He is the ideal person to fill the remainder of Gabbie’s term. However, is he qualified or able to go head to head against the likes of Jesse Kelly and others once the compassion over the shooting wains, over the long term? This is not a wise decision by Ron’s handlers. Ron himself should also focus on his longterm recovery. This smells like DCCC interference in local matters, that they don’t understand.

  5. I will definitely support Ron for the shorter term, but I have a need to consider a while before I make total commitments for the full term. Performance is going to count on this one.

  6. I’m a straight ticket Democrat, but this sits uneasily with me, as apparently it does with Georgia, too. I’m reluctant to use a cynical commercial term like “bait and switch”, but I confess it comes to mind. I’m not finally sold yet on any other Democratic candidate whose name has been tendered for CD2, but I think a proper primary campaign and general party participation is in order. Asked to pick Ron Barber freely out of a competitive slate, I doubt I would go that way. Mess this up, and some right-wing fringe Elephant will be sitting in Mo’s, Jim’s, Gabby’s moderate seat. This is a train wreck getting ready to happen.

  7. P.S….I think that Raul Grijalva is going to have a tough campaign, and I expect that there will be a lot of Citizen’s United and Club for Growth money involved. Raul is a known to me already as a smart, progressive voice with growing clout in Congress, which he ASSERTS. Right up front I’m going to say as a Southern Arizona Democrat, that’s where I’ll be putting my money and time, given the CD2 contretemps..

  8. It was a dickhead move, plain and simple. Civility doesn’t count for much when you’re weak in the fairness department. He’ll do a fine job in Congress if he gets that far, for however long he lasts. But he’ll be remembered for even longer as someone who fucked those who trusted them simply because the opportunity was too tempting to pass up.

  9. To those who have misgivings about Ron’s move I have three things to say:

    1. See what he does if/when he wins the special election. Then decide what to do regarding the CD2 race. It won’t be a lot of time, but I have a feeling Ron will give us a taste of what he will be like in Congress.

    2. I understand why people think Ron screwed over some friends. Trust me, I have more scars from politician “friends” than a junkie has track marks.

    3. But we’re all human, and sadly I’m old enough to remember 1978, when Arizona’s Attorney General was supposed to run for the U.S. Senate, but then the occupant of the Governor’s Office had a heart attack, and Bruce Babbitt decided he liked being Governor. “Sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re dealt,” Babbitt said at the time.

    Finally, please allow me to invoke an old Mo Udall line. He said it about running for President, but frankly it applies to anyone who wins public office.

    Being in office is an addiction.

    The only cure is embalming fluid.

  10. Its a free country anyone can run (shrugs).

    You insider dems are funny, you’ll stand up for a candidate even if they are against core democratic principles, or literally fraternize with the enemy, as long as they are one of your group of friends. Keep in mind, us laymen democrats still vote on issues. Not sure who I am voting for in this race, except Heinz – I am not voting for him.

  11. It needs to be remembered that the average voter does not spend near as much time thinking about this stuff as people who read this blog. The electorate will be asked to vote in two elections, separated from each other by mere months. It makes eminent sense for Democrats to unite behind one candidate given that scenario. Barber’s sole mistake was that he sent signals privately that he would only run for the unexpired term…but he never said that publicly.

    This is a good call strategically, but I would also assert that Barber is a more appealing candidate in a general election than Aboud or Heinz. The latter will have all kinds of trouble dealing with the Babeu connection and the fact that he was one of only two Democrats who voted for funds for Babeu’s border protection efforts. The former is a more accomplished legislator than Heinz, but I doubt her ability to appeal to swing voters. Barber has a poised, calm and statesmanlike air about him and also has the benefit of knowing what the day to day challenges of being a member of Congress are. Farley would have been a more credible alternative to Barber, but he had the good sense to leave the race as soon as Barber expressed his intentions.

    This is not a “dickhead move.” It is a savvy decision by people who have carefully thought out what is going to happen over the next several months. Barber is clearly the best choice for CD8 and CD2!

  12. “Fraternize with the enemy” is how actual government is conducted. We call it spirited debate resulting in mutual compromise and living to fight another day. Remember the founding fathers? They had to make all kinds of compromises, some good, some not so good, to get the actual business of government going. And then came the amendments.

  13. Fraternization is “turning people into brothers”—conducting social relations with people who are actually unrelated and/or of a different class (especially those with whom one works) as though they were siblings, family members, personal friends or lovers.

    I’ll let you guess what kind of fraternization I am talking about. You may not agree but you won’t change my mind.

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