14 thoughts on “When Being Succinct Is Called for

  1. Tedski:

    Right on.

    I’m guessing you held off this long only because you didn’t want to be seen as carrying a grudge on behalf of your bro.

    But you’re right. Patterson needs to go.

  2. I agree he should go, but where is the usually vocal Jeff Rogers? He usually has something to say about anything controversial.

  3. Just a spelling nazi remark. I thik the word you’re going cfor is ‘succinct’. 🙂

    And yes, he should go.

  4. Jeff Rogers isn’t going to say anything about Daniel Patterson. So what if there is a little domestic violence involved, a few restraining orders, and a battered pet. It’s not like he did anything beyond the pale, like try to run against Regina Romero in a democratic primary. Now THAT is cause for the icepicks to come out.

  5. There is one way in which I’d like to see local Democrats act more like Republicans – stop eating our own.

    If people’s lurid private lives are a show stopper I know a certain lobbyist that had a real “fun time” with certain representatives of both parties, while they were still in the state legislature, causing a ruckus between them (on the floor no less I hear) that should have been held up as an example of “how not to act while in office” as well.

  6. Framer, the decision to endorse Romero in last year’s primary was made by the party’s Executive Committee on a unanimous vote with one abstention. It was hardly Rogers’ decision. Romero’s “Democrat” opponent was a man recruited and financially supported by primarily right-wing interests, and the consensus among our PCs was that he was not running in good faith.

    Barbarella, Patterson has been involved in a string of police-documented incidents of a genuinely troubling sort, the common thread being allegations of violent behavior toward women. As if that weren’t enough, he’s lashed out at his present accuser, pronouncing her “mentally ill” (among other potentially defamatory statements) in the press.

    You can’t have elected officials behaving this way. If the circumstances of your personal life require regular visits from the police, multiple restraining orders against you, and you think it’s all the fault of others, you simply have no business holding public office.

    He has to go.

  7. Patterson, GET OUT!

    Rogers, Keep your mouth shut! If you cover for him again, then you’re know better than he is.

  8. Tedski,

    Thank you for coming around on this one.

    But I personally think that resigning is almost too good of an outcome for this scumbag. I think he should have to go through the whole ethics thing & then be publicly impeached before we allow any & all women who so choose & who have suffered at the hands of abusive men to throw rocks at him in a very public place.

    Although I know that violence isn’t the solution for violence, I just wish that this monster & every other monster who who hit a female paid for their brutality in this life too.

  9. According to the police report posted on the weekly she does seem mentally unbalanced. To be clear I haven’t liked Patterson since he was on the planning commission and this does not excuse the entire debacle they created, but really its up to the voters.

  10. Ethics committee and exit. Criminal behavior can not be tolerated. Assault is criminal.

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