I hope to have some video to post for y’all of Friday’s hearing put on to discuss the anti-labor bills before the legislature. In the meantime, here’s a quote from an AFSCME member that attended the hearing. He wanted to address the allegation that public employee unions are “bankrupting the state:”

I’m making less money now than I was four years ago. I want to ask who’s bankrupting who?

The legislators who attended asked all of us to call the members that represent us. It would be a bit pointless for me to do so: all three of mine (Steve Farley, Bruce Wheeler and Paula Aboud) were there.

In addition, County Supervisor Richard Elías, Councilmember Regina Romero and Pima College Board Member Sherryn Marshall were there. Elías gave the opening remarks to the legislators, and it wasn’t a big surprise that he was there: he had been a member of UFCW as a young man and his father is a union printer.

Surprising was another elected official to show up: Steve Kozachik. Kozachik described his experiences working with AFSCME as a councilmember during the city’s financial crisis and how the cooperative attitude was helpful. Heck, he actually knew the difference between collective bargaining and meet and confer. It isn’t the sort of nuance we’ve come to expect from Republican elected officials, especially when it comes to labor issues.

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  1. Didn’t you read Brodesky in the Sunday paper? It’s about the character of the man, it’s not about labels. (Republican)

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