Hints and Allegations

Yeah, I read the story about Paul Babeu in the New Times. I’ve heard stories about Babeu’s sexuality for well over a year. It would have been an issue for me if he was in the front of the line calling for ending domestic partner benefits or preaching the evils of homosexuality. Purriently interesting, I suppose, but for me a political snoozer.

Still, why do I have the uneasy feeling that if he gets taken down, it will be the allegations about who he sleeps with rather than the allegations of intimidation and extortion?

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  1. The sexuality should not be the issue. The use of political power to harass people should be the issue. Intimidation and extortion sure fit the bully issue.

  2. Dearest Ted,

    Babeu can always claim the New Times has been out to get him since the Deputy Louie Puroll episode. His defenders can unilaterally trash the paper as a left-wing tabloid hate rag; they only need point to the ticking clock on the New Times website which counts how long Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been under investigation.

    I gather this might have more traction if it came from the Arizona Daily Star (aka Arizona Red Star) or Arizona Republic (aka Arizona People’s Republic). But from the New Times — meh.

    Your Humble Servant,

  3. A political snoozer? Tedski, you are wrong on that one. Just look at the amount of comments on the New Times or Republic articles. 12 News spent over 8 minutes on this story last night.

    Your post focuses on dismissing hypocrisy on the gay angle (he’s not anti-gay, so it’s okay), but this story is really about hypocrisy from the border-hawk/rule-of-law angle. Most conservatives and liberals will be disturbed by this story for several reasons:

    1. A former boyfriend, as well as a member of the bar, have accused the sheriff of threatening to deport the ex-boyfriend unless he remained silent about their sexual relationship. That’s abuse of power.
    2. A border hawk had an illegal immigrant working on his campaign. In fact, the illegal immigrant was handling the IT operation (why else would have have all the account passwords?). That’s a serious responsibility, and it makes Babeu a hypocrite on his #1 issue.
    3. Babeu was brazenly cheating on his boyfriend. If the sheriff hadn’t done so, I bet we wouldn’t even know about this story, because Babeu never would have had to try intimidating a scorned lover. Bottom line: Babeu is a cheater.
    4. What the Republic euphemistically calls “other revealing photos” are Babeu’s self-posted pictures of himself naked with an erection, according to the New Times. We have recent examples of Democrat AND Republican Congressmen resigning for posting less graphic photos. I just read a story last week of a football coach who resigned for posting a naked picture of himself. Bottom line: Babeu lacks judgment.
    5. Babeu was conducting his personal life on his work cell phone. Who would find that acceptable?
    6. Any reasonable person who reads the press can see that Babeu is an extreme egomaniac. We can all agree we have too many of those in Congress and don’t need another.

    The Babeu campaign’s argument that this is all about his personal life comes off as cheap campaign spin and won’t work with most voters on both sides of the aisle. He’s done when it comes to major office. The irony of a border hawk threatening to deport his scorned lover is just too much.

  4. Robert-

    Don’t get me wrong, I find the abuse of power in this episode absolutely repugnant. What I meant, and obviously didn’t articulate well, is that the fact that he’s gay ain’t the real problem here.

  5. So his antigay friends, remarks, actions don’t count? Babeu talking to the homophobes at CPAC—they banned GOProud from attending this yea, just a few days ago. He is the complete package of a real problem.

  6. Youre missing the story here. For me, the story is that a law enforcement official is accused of using state power to have him deported as a way of making his ex partner ‘just go away’. Truly sickening.

  7. More problematic for Babeu could be that he brought his then ex-lover onto his PAID campaign staff. If this was done as a way of keeping him quiet, it could be a case of federal election law violations.

  8. You don’t suppose this would have anything to do with Paul polling 10 points above his Democratic opponent do you? It is about being gay and a jilted lover.

  9. Babeu’s political career is over…and the folks who will most immediately help to ensure its demise will be his fellow Republicans. State Senator Gould, one of his primary opponents for the congressional nomination, has already attacked Babeu and will be doing more of the same, as will other anti-gay right-wingers. The border hawks will abandon him because his hypocrisy and personal life hurt their cause. The Republicans who know that either the disgraced Babeu, or the far-right Gould will lose the seat for them will urge him to drop out of the primary so that the odds favor Congressman Gosar.

    Even is he weren’t about to be thrown over the side by his own party, Babeu would still deserve to be done in politics. He is a glory hound, a hypocrite and a bully. The fact that his rise has been thwarted by his own failings is a good thing for Arizona.

  10. Will you mention a local Democrat elected official that is also involved or is he off limits? Another words will you be non partisan?

  11. Walt, what other Democratic candidate are you referring to? Gosar is the closest thing to a Democrat in that race (…if you can believe that).

  12. Walt, what local Democratic elected official may be using the power of his elected office to threaten deportation of his former lover/employee? Please identify.

  13. El Pelon es un gran mentiroso. Se me hace muy raro que se gustan mejicanos no mas para el sexo. Pero se traten gente mejicano muy mal cuando se habla.

  14. Personally, I don’t believe anything I read in the New Times.

    Has it occurred to anybody that this “Jose” has his own motives in attacking the Sheriff? Jose, like all illegal alien invaders, is part of a plan to re-take “Atzlan” for the Mexicans (Read Three Sonorans if you want the details), and getting Babeau out of the way is a critical part of this scheme. He was clearly a plant, who seduced the Sheriff for the espress purpose of creating a scandal.

    As for the allegations of threats, I do not agree that Jose was in any way a victim. Victim implies that he has rights, and clearly he does not. The founders clearly never intended illegal Mexicans to have the same rights as real Americans. Besides witch, Babeau was clearly correct in trying to have this parasite deported.

    I think if you scratch the surface, you will find Raul Grijalva behind the whole thing.

  15. Rome is burning… let’s talk about sexual orientation, religion, and Israel some more. Whatever we do, let’s not talk about the economy, the federal and state budgets, etc… Yes, the other stuff is much more important…

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