Two and Eight

Okay…here’s where it stands now:

Ron Barber is running for CD 8, but will likely announce over the next few days that he will not be running for CD 2. Paula Aboud will probably be announcing today that she will run for CD 2. A robocall went out to Democratic activists saying that she’d be doing so.

When Barber makes his announcement about CD 2 is likely when Steve Farley and Nan Walden will make their intentions known. Walden and Farley both, by the way, have been gathering signatures for Barber.

I don’t expect the Democratic field to grow any bigger than Farley, Aboud, Walden and Matt Heinz. Heinz had announced last week his intention to run in the special election, which means he must have been the only person in Democratic circles not to know that Barber was going to announce. He’s since backed out of the special and will be running in the regular election.

Another on the backing out list seems to be Tim Sultan. I haven’t seen much from him since someone from Sultan’s camp (the High Porte?) sent me an e-mail shortly after Gabrielle Giffords’s resignation. Of course, he is a new father, so he’s a bit busy.

Sultan, by the way, had an endorsement of sorts in a tweet from Three Sonorans blogger David Morales.

Whether any of these anouncements opens up other offices is up in the air. Farley is not going to resign his legislative seat, and Heinz hasn’t given much indication that he will. Aboud, on the other hand, left things a bit up in the air at a Democratic event this weekend when she said that she wants to stay in the lege to work on a couple of bills. At least one observer I talked to wondered if that came with the implication that she would resign after that work is complete.

7 thoughts on “Two and Eight

  1. At DGT a few weeks ago, Tim Sultan announced he was NOT running and would focus on being a dad instead.

  2. With so many “engaged” Democrats, how come none of them want to take on Raul Grijalva? Thank goodness for Mr. Crowe Robles. At least there’s one Democrat out there who is willing to give us a choice.

    I want so much to vote for a Democrat for Congress, but not Grijalva.

  3. You’re a bit off topic, Jodi, but since you’ve brought it up, I’ll be proud to vote to re-elect Raul Grijalva.

  4. I have known Raul Grijalva since the 1970s, before he was elected to the TUSD Bd. He is not, and never has been racist. He is also not a one-issue candidate.

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