Not of Seville

The Yellow Sheet reported Saturday that Gabrielle Giffords and her advisors made up their mind on a candidate to replace her: Ron Barber.

The plan would be to have Barber run in the special election, but not in the regular election in November. No word yet on if there will be a “Giffords pick” in that election.

Annointing Barber would be popular among the high ranking Democrats who were more than a bit preturbed by a previously floated plan: getting Republican (and Mitt Romney donor) Lisa Lovallo to switch parties.

Whatever the plan turn out to be, it is expected that it will be announced today, if for no other reason that they are running out of time.

4 thoughts on “Not of Seville

  1. If it turns out the Yellow Sheet got this wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. But I expect Ron to run. Assuming he’s feeling up to it, it’s what makes the most sense.

    The more interesting question is, who will run against him on the Republican side? Martha McSally has suddenly become visible on Southern Arizona’s political radar; she’s been showing up at meetings and her name is being splashed about online. McSally, a former A-10 pilot from Davis-Monthan, has the following political treasure on her resume: she was the first American woman to fly in combat.

    That’s a big deal. Also a big deal: in 2001 she successfully sued the Department of Defense, with the backing of the right-wing Rutherford Institute, over its policy of requiring military women to adhere to Saudi Arabia’s sexist dress customs when traveling off-base over there.

    Try to imagine a career accomplishment that’ll warm the hearts of both feminists and neo-cons, and you probably won’t do better than that. But could she beat Frank Antenori in a GOP primary? Or would it even come to that?

    McSally, setting aside her fancy story, faces some primary election barriers. She’s almost certainly pro-choice, and will have to either lie or figure out a way to stay silent on the issue. She’s unmarried, has no kids, and appears to be single. You know, like Janet Napolitano. So there’s that.

    Also, amidst all this flying, suing and think-tankery; she somehow found the time to earn a master’s degree in something from the Harvard Kennedy School. So there’s also that. You think Frank Antenori and Jesse Kelly got into politics just to elevate people like her?

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens. In the CD 8 special election, it seems probable that no Republican in the current field would will be able to beat Ron Barber. But what if McSally cleared the Republican field as a “caretaker” alternative to Barber?

    It could happen. She has allies everywhere; one rumored to be helping her is Ted Vogt. (What’s up with that, right?!) If you can wrap your mind around where this might be headed, you’ve got a sharper political mind than mine.

  2. You’re right, time is ticking by since it’s been 2 weeks since Gabby said she would resign. Too bad she didn’t annoint Ron Barber then, as 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat have already announced for this CD 8 seat.

  3. Feminist cred aside, Ms. McSally appears to be smart, accomplished, and competent. She’s going nowhere in today’s Arizona GOP.

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