Not So Quiet Anymore

A month ago, it looked like the District 9 races would be snoozers. Rep. Steve Farley was set to run against former Rep. Dave Bradley for state senate might provide a hint of excitement, but the house race only consisted of two declared candidates for two seats: 2010 candidate Mohur Sidhwa and former KOLD reporter Victoria Steele. The general election was looking to be even more sonambulant. Republican incumbent Terri Proud would rather not run in a race where she needs to talk to mid-town Democrats and has indicated she isn’t going to run.

The Democratic House primary looks to become a bit of a contest, however. U of A professor Todd Camenisch has looked seriously at the race. Camenisch made a run against Sen. Frank Antenori in the old 30, but registration advantage and a poor Democratic year meant he barely got 40% of the vote. Despite this, the Catalina Foothills school board member is looked at as a rising star in the party.

Enter another rising star: Brandon Patrick, recently hired on for Councilman Paul Cunningham’s staff, has been making calls exploring a possible run. Patrick’s first foray into Southern Arizona politics was his work against the police association backed Prop. 200, which polled well at first and in the end went down in flames.

The question becomes whether Patrick’s behind the scenes work for campaigns holds more sway with interests like labor unions than whatever cred Camenisch has build up as a school board member and the guy that took on Antenori.

Oh, add to that another piece of fun: what happens should Farley or Paula Aboud resign their seats to make a run either in the special election or the new CD 2?

17 thoughts on “Not So Quiet Anymore

  1. Brandon running changes the game. He’s an experienced campaigner, veteran, excellent speaker, personable, and gosh-darn it he so good looking.

    He is well-known among Democratic circles and will undoubtedly draw support and endorsements from many of the local electeds.

  2. Patrick is indeed a rising star. Furthermore, he’s a sharp-witted political natural who’s fun to watch, fun to be around, good on TV, good on the radio, good on the issues, and eminently electable.

    Camenisch? You can’t argue much with his resume. And he’s probably who the usual suspects want to see in there. He wouldn’t do much to rock Southern Arizona’s corporate boat of growth lobby and university-related PR illusions. He’d behave. He’d be boring. And in a tough primary, he’d probably lose.

    He lost in 2010 to Frank Antenori in, frankly, in unwinnable race. Maybe he just wanted to know what it’s like to run. But Patrick already knows what it’s like to win. He presided, to Antenori’s dismay, over the 2009 clobbering of the aggressively stupid Prop. 200. And he did so by building a coalition of groups so diverse it included SEIU, Don Diamond, John Kromko, HSL Properties, Casa Maria… You get the drift.

    Anyway, Patrick, if he dives into this race, will be a landslide winner and a rock star in the legislature. And we could use one.

  3. Brandon’s work on the Prop 200 campaign will undoubtedly help him should he run for the Legislature. It was a proposition that may have come out of good intent but would have ruined the city due to lack of a funding source. He was able to help build a broad and diverse coalition that completely turned original polling numbers on their head and 200 ended up losing in every precinct.

    The Legislature comes up with bills that are detrimental to our state all the time these days, minus the good intent. With the way the districts are shaping up, Dems have a real chance at gaining seats and having Brandon in the mix would be good for the Legislature and Arizona.

    He will take his skills as a coalition builder and maybe even be able to *gasp* work with a Republican or two. He is young, energetic, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and his past campaign experience will help him greatly. I suspect if he entered the race he’d draw quick support from many elected and non elected community leaders, other young people and unions.

    This quick support would allow him to hit the ground running and get the word out fast in the new district 9.

  4. Wasn’t Patrick that guy that took on John Justice in a debate during the Prop 200 campaign? He did an outstanding job that night as I recall.
    If it is the same guy I’m thinking about, he’ll make an outstanding legislator. Best of luck to him.

  5. Brandon’s a helluva nice guy…Good brains/looks on him too! He will run a very agressive campaign and once elected, Brandon won’t get rolled over by the Republicans in Phoenix. I support Brandon if he decides to run for the State House this year.

  6. Mr Patrick is not only a veteran of Afghanistan, is is the Vice Commander of his VFW Post. He served this great nation if ours with distinction, he continues to do so by serving on several boards and organizations around town, including the El Tour de Tucson.

    Mr. Patrick deserves our support.

  7. I talked to some stalwart Dems this afternoon, and he seems to be garnering support.

    Drowning his announcement out, sadly, will be the hullabaloo over who is running in the CD-8 Special Election.

  8. Hope that lady from NY aint running! God but she was obnoxious as hell. Pushy, arrogant and the voice that grates on your nerves

  9. Isn’t Dave Bradley running in the district he lives in, the one from which he was elected 4x to the House? Which is also the district Steve Farley would have been in had the IRC not finally changed the boundary between 9 & 10 from Helen St. to Speedway.

  10. In fairness to New Yorkers, the woman you refer to is from New Jersey, the home of Governor Creosote.

  11. “What happens should Farley or Paula Aboud resign their seats to make a run either in the special election or the new CD 2?”

    You will have to call an election of LD 28 Dems to select three names to send to the Pima County Board of Supervisors from which they will select their successors – who no doubt will be among the candidates you mention running for office, seeking to get a leg up as an “incumbent” in the new districts in which they will run once those districts have been finalized.

    Any word from Steve and Paula?

  12. Good sign that he was in part responsible for the defeat of Prop 200, but unfortunately his new boss, among others, appear to be letting prop 200 be accomplished through the back door instead.

  13. what should be a reliable source says that Lisa Lovallo will get the nod from Gabby.

    I hope that this person is very wrong. Can’t support someone who gave to Mitt Romney.

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