When You’re Losing, Call ‘Em All Commies

Al Melvin is pushing his ideas on nuclear power again, particularly on his Twitter accout. He’s getting a bit of pushback for it. This is his latest tweet:

#azright To show the political agenda of  environmentalists, slice a water melon open. It has a thin veneer of green but is Commie red inside

Yep, everybody in the environmental movement is a dyed in the wool communist. I guess he wins the argument.

Remember, for a moment, that the Senator is throwing around charges of “communism” on behalf of the nuclear industry, which would not exist here or anywhere else without government intervention and support.

3 thoughts on “When You’re Losing, Call ‘Em All Commies

  1. To show the political agenda of Al Melvin, slice open a coyote gourd. Underneath the hard exterior, there is something bitter and toxic inside.

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