Is Jason Rose Going Soft?

When he isn’t keeping us informed of the restaurant scene in the Valley of the Jakes, Jason Rose  uses his Twitter feed to treat us to political analysis. By “political analysis,” I mean overblown cheerleading for even the most minor league Republicans (Vernon Parker, anyone?) and casual dismissal of the importance of any politician that doesn’t genuflect in his direction with the proper amount of gusto.

But, I’ve detected a change. Here is Rose this morning:

Well done secretary salazar:why do anything to infringe on #grandcanyon? Too, single biggest economic generator in #arizona besides weather

Extra adverb aside, I’m glad to have an ally on the other side on this. Doubly so because it seems that the rest of the Republican establishment that Rose runs with are doing everything but grabbing shovels and learning the proper spelling of pitchblende.

I’d dismiss this as “Rose must not have gotten the contract with the uranium mines,” except here’s another Tweet from this weekend:

Should I stay or should I go? Don bivens really to clash w/ perhaps best bio (carmona) 2 ever run 4 #arizona office? Top democrats say no

Wait, did he just say that Richard Carmona has the best bio to ever run for Arizona office? First off, what about Buckey O’Neill? More importantly, did he just have high praise, highest praise even, for a Democratic candidate?

Is Rose broadening his horizons or has he had enough of some of the clowns he runs with?

3 thoughts on “Is Jason Rose Going Soft?

  1. Nice try, Tedski, but everyone knows that Buckey O’Neill died foolishly at the hands of a Spanish sniper at the Battle of San Juan Hill before he ever had a chance to pursue an office higher than Yavapai County Sheriff. With all due respect to the favorite son of Prescott, I think Carmona has him beaten in this regard.

  2. Oh come on, he had a much more storied law enforcement resume during his two runs for Congress in ’92 and ’94 than Carmona does, helicopter rescue? Pfaw. Capturing the Diablo Canyon robbers while having his horse shot out from under him? Yeah.

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