Young Wright to Run for Supervisor

There has been speculation that former Representative Nancy Young Wright may either run for legislature, or instead try for the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Speculation is over: Board of Supervisors it is. Press release after the jump.

She’ll be facing the winner of a Republican primary that features businessman Charlie Bowles, Young Wright’s former legislative seat mate Vic Williams and two Tea Party activists: Ally Miller and Stuart McDaniel.

Young Wright files exploratory committee for supervisor District 1 seat

TUCSON – Nancy Young Wright has filed an exploratory committee for the office of Pima County Supervisor, District 1. The seat is currently held by Supervisor Ann Day, who is retiring. The election will be held Nov. 6, 2012.

Young Wright served for three years as a state representative for Legislative District 26, which covers 400 square miles in northwest Pima County. During her time in the Legislature, she worked successfully across the aisle on bipartisan bills involving foster care, local fire districts, law enforcement and animal welfare.

“Arizona and Pima County are facing important challenges. Now, more than ever, we must put partisanship aside and solve problems,” she said. “The hard-working families in this district deserve a supervisor who will be a dedicated, common-sense fighter for their values and quality of life.”

Young Wright’s campaign priorities will focus on:
Job creation and economic development.
Promoting strong, responsive law enforcement.
Promoting strong public schools.
Protecting the area’s water supplies and natural desert.

She also served for 10 years on the Amphitheater Unified School District Governing Board and has been deeply involved in community service in District 1 regarding education, literacy, parks trails and open space.

Young Wright and her husband, Allen, have lived in District 1 for 28 years. Their two children attended Amphitheater Public Schools. She is a fourth-generation southwesterner whose grandparents and great-grandparents were homesteaders in New Mexico. The family ran a country grocery store for nearly 90 years.

“I understand firsthand how important it is to foster an environment that helps our local businesses,” she said. “I also believe we must support our universities, public schools and job-training initiatives. We all have a stake in turning this economy around.”

2 thoughts on “Young Wright to Run for Supervisor

  1. Williams should win the GOP primary because the “anyone but Vic” vote will be split three ways. However, the fact that he has so many primary opponents when he has been telling people for a long time that he is running speaks to the fact that so many people in his own party distrust him and see him for the chameleon he is.

    Williams as her likely opponent is a gift for Young Wright. As one of the most ineffectual legislators from Southern Arizona, he has consistently voted in ways that increase burdens for county governments and that shifts the tax burden to local entities.

    Williams is a blowhard and an opportunist who doesn’t take the time to do his homework. He would be a disastrous choice at a critical time for Pima County.

  2. Nancy’s loss in last year’s Tea Party hate wave was, in the eyes of many observers, the worst casualty of the season statewide. As a legislator, she was effective, smart and moderate; in other words, exactly what Arizona needs more of.

    Ann Day was, well, a moderate supervisor. Moderate for a modern-day Republican, to be sure. And mailable enough to be a reliable third vote in Pima County’s most taxpayer-hostile, seemingly environmentally friendly, decidedly Don Diamond-friendly administration yet. Lord knows voters are sick of that.

    Young Wright will have no trouble with District One’s approximately 37,000 Dems. Its 47,000 Republicans and 34,000 or so independents are another story, but many of these are of a far too moderate breed to vote for a thoughtless, right-wing suburban acolyte of the Phoenix legislature without a second thought. And that’s what Williams is.

    To get the job done, it’ll probably take a more negative campaign than Young Wright is used to. The whole reason this is a winnable race is because she’s an exquisitely fine candidate, and she’s running against a genuine turd. That’s what she’ll need to show the voters. But if anyone can beat the odds in District One, it’s her.

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