Bivens Announces More Endorsements

Don Bivens has announced a pace of endorsements from “key” Democrats.

For you kids that haven’t been paying attention, “key” means that they have endorsed your candidate. “Irrelevant” means they have endorsed the other guy.

One interesting name is Nancy Young Wright, who would be the first Bivens endorsement on Richard Carmona’s home turf. So, who is the first Phoenix area endorser for Carmona?

Endorsement list after the jump.

Key Arizona Democrats Continue to Get Behind Bivens
Legislators: Bivens the Middle-Class Champion Arizona Needs

PHOENIX – U.S. Senate candidate Don Bivens continues to pick up strong support from key Arizona Democratic leaders, who say the lifelong Democrat will champion middle-class priorities in the US Senate.

Today, state legislators from across the state declared their support for Bivens.

“We can count on Don Bivens to fight for Arizona’s middle-class families,” said former State Rep. Nancy Young Wright, who represented Tucson and Oro Valley in the legislature. “His values, combined with his record of solving problems in the private sector are badly needed in Washington. Don will stand up to Tea Party candidates like Jeff Flake.”

Bivens has already earned the support of key Democrats around the state. Former U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, who represented large parts of rural Arizona, as well as former U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell and former Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson have endorsed Bivens.

“I’m proud of the broad support our campaign continues to receive from across Arizona,” Don Bivens said. “We are working every day to build grassroots support in every corner of the state from people who will decide this election and believe this broken Congress has failed the middle class. I look forward to fighting for Arizona families in the United States Senate.”

Those who announced their support for Bivens include:

· Rep. Ed Ableser, Tempe

· Former Sen. Amanda Aguirre, Yuma

· Rep. Lela Alston, Phoenix

· Rep. Tom Chabin, Flagstaff

· Former Rep. Pat Fleming, Sierra Vista

· Former Rep. David Funkhouser, Phoenix

· Rep. Katie Hobbs, Phoenix

· Sen. Debbie McCune Davis, Phoenix

· Rep. Eric Meyer, Phoenix

· Former Rep. Nancy Young Wright, Tucson / Oro Valley

· Sen. Robert Meza, Phoenix

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  1. I think it would be interesting to find out WHEN NYW endorsed Don. From what I’ve heard she only did it when it didn’t look like Carmona would be jumping in and it was going to be a primary between David Crowe and Don Bivens.

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