Carmona v Bivens et Cetera

Today comes a story in The Hill headlined “Pentagon blasts Ariz. Senate candidate.” It’s about Richard Carmona’s resignation from the panel that was being set up to study what was going wrong at Dover Air Force Base. I don’t think “blasts” is the right word, but from the article, it sounds like DOD officials were unaware that Carmona was thinking of running for senate. Given how well documented his ruminations were for the past couple of months, it makes me wonder what other obvious things the Pentagon misses these days.

It gives you a reason or two why things like the current Dover scandal happen, eh?

So, on to Carmona v Bivens v Crowe v…I dunno who else.

We have all been told not to read Rodd McLeod’s involvement with Carmona as a sign of an endorsement from Gabrielle Giffords. However, it is hard to think of McLeod making a move like this without first talking it over with Giffords’s family and political operation. Add to that the talk that folks close to Giffords were among those encouraging Carmona, it doesn’t take a slide rule to do the math here.

By the way, as of now, McLeod is the whole campaign. I’ve been told to expect other campaign trappings (a press contact, a web site, pencils embossed with Carmona’s name) over the next few weeks. Even though Carmona has been mulling over this for a while, the campaign is not yet a fully staffed operation.

Don Bivens is still out there, of course. He’s already got a campaign (one that promised me breakfast this weekend in Yuma) and he’s raising money. He’s also boasting of endorsements from Jim Pederson, Harry Mitchell and Ann Kirkpatrick. He already is making a subtle jab at Carmona’s party affiliation, or lack therof, by pointing out his status as a “life long Democrat.”

I don’t think Carmona’s lack of a Democratic history will sink him (sorry, Bruce Ash). Neither do I think, as some national pundits seem to have already assumed, that Bivens’s tenure as Democratic Chairman guarantees him the love of activists and fund raisers. Keep in mind that Bivens was ousted (temporarily, but ousted nonetheless) by a guy whose campaign for chair started while he was driving to the meeting. Check the Capitol Times article last week where Terry Goddard was almost begging for another candidate to run. That’s one of his friends.

Carmona does, however, have a lot of questions to answer about his policy views. One Carmona booster assured me that he’s pro-choice. Well, that’s a start, I suppose. Then again, Barry Goldwater was pro-choice.

Take it from someone who worked on the campaigns of both Truman Spangrud and Wesley Clark, it’ll take more than a fantastic CV and repeating the words “pro choice” to win the nomination. Both Spangrud and Clark had resumes as heroes and both, in their hearts, were solid Democrats. Unfortunately, both fell victim to not being able to articulate their views well, and their stumbling, over explained answers left many Democratic primary voters thinking they weren’t on their side.

If Carmona loses this thing to Bivens (or David Crowe, for that matter), it’ll be because he can’t fill his rather large blank sheet on core Democratic issues rather than his voter registration history.

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  1. Uh oh maybe they want to take a second look?
    Even the democrat party cannot trust him…

    Carmona Resigns Just Two Days After Accepting The Position To Run For U.S. Senate
    WASHINGTON — Last Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that former Surgeon General Richard Carmona would lead an independent investigation on the mishandling of the remains of fallen U.S. troops at the Dover Air Force Base. This led to speculation that Carmona was resisting public pressure from Democrats in Washington to run for the Senate, and instead focusing on this new solemn duty.
    Yet just two days later, Carmona announced that in fact he was running for the Democrat nomination against former Arizona party boss Don Bivens, and under apparent pressure from the DoD, he stepped down from the panel just three days after accepting the new investigative panel.
    As The Hill reports:
    · On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Carmona would head an independent panel overseeing the investigation into the mishandling of the remains of fallen U.S. troops. On Thursday, Carmona jumped into the Senate race in Arizona. And on Friday, he stepped down from the panel, and the Pentagon blasted him for keeping his campaign plans to himself. “If he informed the Pentagon of his intentions, it must have been in the equivalent of a quiet whisper because no one who should have heard about it did,” a senior Pentagon official told The Hill. (Josh Lederman, Pentagon blasts Ariz. Senate candidate, The Hill, 11/11/11/)
    “If Richard Carmona’s failure to have an honest and forthright discussion with the Pentagon is indicative of the type of campaign he intends to run, or the Senator he hopes to be, then clearly Arizonans deserve better,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Did Mr. Carmona think that serving on this panel would bolster his Senate aspirations and lead him to ignore the clear conflict of interest this might cause? The timing simply does not add up and raises questions right out of the gate about Richard Carmona’s candidacy.”
    What They Are Saying About Richard Carmona’s Decision To Leave The Pentagon To Pursue A Career In Politics
    THE WASHINGTON POST: Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced Tuesday that he had named Richard H. Carmona, a former U.S. Surgeon General, to lead the panel after multiple federal investigations documented a pattern of “gross mismanagement” at the Dover mortuary. Carmona apparently did not consider it a full-time assignment; on Thursday, he declared that he would run for Arizona’s open Senate seat. (Craig Whitlock, Richard Carmona, picked to lead probe at Dover, quits to run for Senate days after selection, Washington Post, 11/12/11)
    CNN: The man selected on Tuesday to run an independent investigation of problems within the military mortuary at Dover Air Force Base has already bowed out. When news broke that the Air Force was disciplining three people for improper handling of the remains of four service members, it was announced that former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona would run an independent review of procedures at Dover AFB Port Mortuary. On Friday, just three days later, the Pentagon announced Carmona was stepping down from the investigation to run for public office. (Larry Shaughnessy, Official chosen to run Dover military mortuary probe steps aside, CNN, 11/11/11)
    # # #

  2. Carmona should be everything that Democrats stand against. But, we all know that Democrats have no real standards & will vote for anyone or anything in order to win.

    Richard Carmona is the guy who had to be the super macho super cop because he couldn’t get enough satisfaction out of being a surgeon. He had to join S.W.A.T. in order to be able to tote bigger guns & hopefully be able to take out the bad guys.

    To libs, Carmona couldn’t be their guy because Carmona needed to fulfill his erotic pleasures by being what libs see in cops “neanderthals” “gun-toting” “power-hungry” guys who only have power by “hiding behind their badges”. Carmona’s lust was for the opportunity not to save lives like is the strongest desire of most doctors but to be the Rambo type who busts down doors in hopes that he can put multiple bullet holes in suspected bad guys and then ask questions later.

    Tell me Tedski if this side of Carmona has ever bothered you.

  3. Once again, my friendly Republican commenters don’t seem to actually read what I’ve written:

    Bruce- Thanks for posting an entire article about an incident when the post already linked to an article about the same thing. By the way, printing entire articles is considered bad form on the internet.

    Bruce, your vehemence here is startling. Are you worried about something?

    Tyler- It’s funny how I write a piece that is dubious about Carmona, but you assume I am supporting him. Also, your characterizations of “libs” all being anti-police is ridiculous. You probably should get out more and talk to actual liberals out there instead of believing whatever caricature is painted on World Net Daily.

  4. I think Carmona could be an effective senator and an effective vote-getter (not the same thing). We do need to know much more about the positions he will take on issues. I am convinced at first blush that this is a passionate, brilliant, dedicated, often effective person, with principles. Can this be channeled into a winning campaign. I once said publicly that he did a good job according to the rules, but would be difficult to work with personally. He should not be sold short. I am inclined to welcome him to the Demo ticket, but we do need to know more about his particular views.

  5. Thanks Tedski.

    I certainly appreciate your teaching me about internet protocol and decency.

    You are repeating the same flaw as you often times have in the past…….yo don’t answer the charge because you have no answer.

    You and your candidate are paper tigers.

  6. Bruce, if the administrator of the blog responded to every single lunatic rant that you posted, he wouldn’t have time to write anything more.

    If the charge you make is that Carmona resigned to run for the Senate, I don’t think anybody is arguing the point. In fact, there is no “answer” to be had. He did it. I’ve checked the rest of the dissertation that you copied and pasted as a comment and I can’t find another “charge” to answer.

    Your problem, I think, is that you are too used to Republican style discourse in which one comment need not exactly relate to your next, or even make logical sense. Like, for example, those idiotic (and pathetically ineffective) billboards in which you attempted to lampoon Rothschild and Cunningham for being “Picked by those who brought you Rio Nuevo.” While the voters seemed to realize that they themselves chose to adopt the project, you and your crack political team did not. Nice work, by the way. We have posters of that in the Dem HQ just for laughs.

    Congratulations on getting your A$$ handed to you in another city election. By all means, continue pissing all of Jim Click’s money away in races that you can’t help but blunder and mismanage.

    You, Carolyn Cox, Jimminy Clicket and the rest of your old white people are the best assets we have here in Tucson Democratic Politics.

  7. Oh hostile Tucson Vice…….It sounds as though you have not attended the re education camp ( err civility course ) people of your ilk are so fond of saying conservatives should should attend.

    That you have posters of our work in HQ only says “mission accomplished” to me. Thanks pal. Glad I was able to get underneath your skin .

    Don’t get too smug about the city results friend. The vote canvass clearly shows had this election been run in accordance to Arizona Revised Statutes Tyler Vogt won his election over Shirley Scott 63.2% to 36.8% and Paul Cunningham was defeated 54.1% to 45.9% by Jennifer Rawson.

    These results just show why the dems are so scared of voting ward only. They lose at least two seats. Rather than sharing government and having another voice on the council you all have decided to hold on to your power by any means.

    You accuse the GOP of all sorts of power abuse but democrats own the original franchise on abuse of government.

  8. FYI, Bruce:

    Dems wouldn’t necessarily lose two seats if the city were to hold ward-only races. Ward Two was won by a Dem as recently as 2007, when Rodney Glassman defeated Lori Oien in all six wards.

    The reverse, however, is certainly true: Dems would always win at least four wards. Even Steve Kozachik lost Ward Six in 2009, along with Wards One, Three and Five.

  9. “It sounds as though you have not attended the re education camp ( err civility course ) people of your ilk are so fond of saying conservatives should should attend.”

    Sounds like you haven’t attended the third grade.

    “That you have posters of our work in HQ only says “mission accomplished” to me. Thanks pal. Glad I was able to get underneath your skin .”

    You’re welcome, moron. It’s part of a seminar called “Stupid crap that doesn’t work.” We’re working on a follow up series called “Losing campaigns the Bruce Ash way.”

    “Don’t get too smug about the city results friend. The vote canvass clearly shows had this election been run in accordance to Arizona Revised Statutes Tyler Vogt won his election over Shirley Scott 63.2% to 36.8% and Paul Cunningham was defeated 54.1% to 45.9% by Jennifer Rawson.”

    Smug? I’m afraid I can’t be smug. Your ineptitude in this arena makes that impossible. It’s like outsmarting an infant or a feline. Funny sometimes? Yeah, sure. Point of pride? Not really.

    I’m not sure that anyone has told you (judging by your election results I’ll assume they haven’t), but Tucson’s municipal elections are governed by the City Charter, not A.R.S. As a consistent small government conservative, this should make you happy. You don’t need to worry about sucking off your Phoenician overlords anymore. SMALL GOVERNMENT! LOCAL CONTROL!

    “You accuse the GOP of all sorts of power abuse but democrats own the original franchise on abuse of government.”

    Yes. You’re right. I’m a republican now.

    Ladies and Gentleman, the Socratic wonder that is Bruce “can’t win a campaign to save his life” Ash.

  10. WOW Vice…….

    Do you now own the “sticks and stones will break my bones title?”

    When all else fails just play the “moron”, “ineptitude” , “sucking off” cards.

    You sort of have a hard time playing nice so we’ll just leave it where we are for now.

    When you decide to actually have a civil discussion we can talk some more.

  11. Yes, wow. You still find me rude and I still find you a dithering political failure. I’m satisfied leaving it there too.

    I don’t employ those terms because all else has failed. I can continue dismantling your posts line by line if you like. I employ them because suggesting that I got under your skin when I already told you that we keep your handiwork up for laughs makes you a moron. Flushing away money on a crappy campaign makes you inept. Sucking off? Yeah. I was just being mean.

    Talk some more? Nay, sir. I tell you nay. I don’t need to have a civil discussion with you. I save those for people who indicate some amount of competency in this field.

    If your feelings are hurt, I’ll pay you a compliment. Congratulations on (nearly) going an entire post without third grade level spelling and punctuation mistake.

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