We Are the State

I posed some questions the other day about the removal of Colleen Mathis and the Republican kvetching about the IRC and I got a response from John Kavanagh. Kavanagh responded with some clap-trap about what Democrats should be concerned about (note: if Democrats ever take, or even seek, advice from John Kavanagh, there is no point in this whole enterprise and I’ll become a beekeeper). Kavanagh never answered any of the questions I posed, of course.

This ain’t about process. Kavanagh may believe that his PhD from NYU means that we rubes in Arizona will believe this lie if he and his colleagues repeat it enough.

You want to know what it’s really about? Check out what the State Senate tried to do back in March.

Craig McDermott and I wrote about this at the time. Lori Klein proposed an amendment that contained language to change the way counties drew their supervisor districts. The bill would have mandated that counties draw their districts by a committee composed of the local supervisors (three in some counties, five in larger counties) plus six appointees picked by the governor, senate president, house speaker and majority leaders of both houses. In other words, the committee in each county would have been dominated by Republicans to the liking of the legislature.

By the way, the language contained a sunset that guaranteed that only Jan Brewer and this legislature would have the power to draw the lines. That was probably about protecting the process, right?

There was little obvious need for this, but the senate approved the amendment and it passed 20 – 9. Every Republican voted for it except for one recorded as not voting. The bill ended up never getting heard by the house.

It is pretty obvious what they were trying to do then. They wanted to have total control over the process. Given this record, how can we be expected to believe that this is about anything else than a power grab?

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