3 thoughts on “Whew…Glad I Dodged That One

  1. Bruce Ash is a civil rights leader for our generation. He’s a verytable Martin Luther King Jr. Jr. I’m sure Herman Kane would agree.

  2. No matter who you voted for I am very happy you exercised your voting right that so many men and women have died to preserve.

    I may disagree with your politics but I don’t disagree with your right to express your political views.

    Despite all the rhetoric that goes on I believe Mr. Ash feels the same way.

  3. Oh Tedski……..

    You give me belly laffs because you are so phunnie !!

    You have every right to your beliefs. So do I.

    You and some of your friends have certainly amused yourselves but you know that there has still been no credible answer to the charges John Munger and I have made about the “tyranny of the many” and the new age Jim Crow attitudes that prevail here in Tucson,AZ.

    I know you are not afraid of union goons coming to get YOUR mail in vote.
    You foolishly have turned in your vote for the poor dem candidates Boss Tweed Rogers put up in the election.

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