At Least Their Lawyers Are Benefitting

Local Democrats have made hay of the $47 million dollar lawsuit that the state-appointed Rio Nuevo board has against the city. The question they are asking is simple: what programs will Republican Mayoral candidate Rick Grinnell, who is on the board, cut to pay for a possible judgement?

Good question, but here is mine:

What do they plan to spend the money on if they win?

One local politician released a litany of what the Rio Nuevo board has spent so far:

Let’s also be very clear about what the Rio Nuevo Board has, or has not, spent your money on since it was appointed by the Governor and State Legislature early last year:

1. Spent – Hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorney fees

2. Spent – Their current budget has over $900,000 earmarked for “Administrative Fees”

3. Has not spent – Zero on rehabilitation of capital needs to the Tucson Convention Center

4. Has not spent – Zero on any project related to revitalization of downtown

5. Have not spent – refused to pay local sub contractors for work they performed on the east entry of the TCC

Yep, they’ve paid out money to hire their friends and pay for attorneys to harass the city council, but nothing on the very projects that they are supposed to be managing. Gosh, you’d almost think that the board is just a partisan enterprise undertaken by our legislature.

By the way, that criticism I quoted there is not from Regina Romero, not from Jeff Rogers and not from AZ Blue Meanie. It’s from Republican council member and relentless critic of city government Steve Kozachik.

Someone won’t be invited to the next Grinnell for Mayor event.

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