From Our Overwrought Metaphors and Ridiculous Fear Tactics Desk

Tucson just had it’s primary a couple of weeks ago. It was unique because it featured all mail balloting. Turnout in both party primaries was up slightly, an amazing feat since there were very few contested primaries.

It was an easy transition for most Tucsonans, since in recent elections two-thirds of voters voted by mail.

What we didn’t notice, apparently, that this was a secret plot to keep people from voting. Yep, it’s tantamount to poll taxes and voter intimidating rifle clubs.

So says Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, in some ads he plans to run on local radio stations:

Think back to a time when our country was racked with political turmoil because voters were dis enfranchised through the south.

Those scenes of chaos are vivid. Democrat official and Police Chief Bull Connor’s fire hoses and angry dogs attacking peaceful demonstrators.

What do Tucson , Arizona today and Selma , Alabama in the 1960’s have in common ?? The tyranny of the many imposed by the democrat majority.

The Tucson election in 2011 is infected with the same disease that once plagued the democrat Jim Crow South . The democrat majority in Tucson have fixed city elections . If you are are a Republican or an Independent you have been dis-enfranchised in Tucson council elections because you can’t vote for your own ward’s council member. Hence one party rule in Tucson for over 40 years.

We are living with the sickening results .

Now the dem city council has imposed ALL MAIL IN ballots to seal their scheme to send their union goons to “pick up the ballots”, a process that destroys the secret ballot which finally destroyed the old big city machines.

Are you sick of the mess in Tucson?

Then VOTE your ballot!!

Republican and Independent voters……Make your decision and VOTE to end the tyranny of the democrats who have ruined our home town. End the corruption of one party rule. We ARE still FREE men and women.

I don’t even know where to start.

8 thoughts on “From Our Overwrought Metaphors and Ridiculous Fear Tactics Desk

  1. Last time I checked, in city general elections I could vote for one candidate in each race in each ward. So could everybody else. In primaries I only chose the candidate for my ward, but lately I still got to choose the ticket I voted on, through registration. I don’t see the disenfranchisement here.

  2. Bruce, were you drunk when you wrote that?

    Comparing Tucson to fucking Selma and the Jim Crow South?! What the hell is the matter with you?

    Setting aside the histrionics, your letter doesn’t make any sense. Tedski summed it up well enough with “I don’t know where to start,” but I’ll start with this: You wrote “if you are are a Republican or an Independent you have been dis-enfranchised in Tucson council elections because you can’t vote for your own ward’s council member.”


    In 2009 Ward Six voters overwhelmingly chose Nina Trasoff, as did voters in Wards One, Three and Five. They got stuck with Steve Kozachik anyway due to high turnout and high margins in Wards Two and Four. But he didn’t even win a majority of precincts, wards or even his own ward. So what’s this again about Republicans and independents being disenfranchised?

    You make your party look ridiculous. You’re hardly alone, but this sort of nonsense isn’t helping the GOP find what it needs the most in order to do better in places like Tucson: reasonable people, cool heads, and honesty.

    Start there, and you might get somewhere.

  3. Facts speak for the argument made .

    Check your history. Remember Morris K Udall?

    Your collective ignorant reaction only proves my argument.

    Make all the silly arguments you wish but your time will soon be past friend. You cannot expect to keep the people down forever

  4. I can assure you I am not smoking crack.

    You fail to answer the facts presented in my op ed piece because you have no alternative idea to present.

    Sorry Andy.

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