Gosh, I’ve Got a Website Too

One of my ongoing frustrations is seeing the various public awareness campaigns done by members of the business community on behalf of public education. I know that the radio ads and billboards are well intentioned, but they seem empty when some of the same folks who are funding them help fund the campaigns of the politicians who are hell bent on eviscerating public education year after year. Mind you, I don’t think these business leaders are cynical, I just wish they’d do a better job of connecting the dots.

With regard to the cynicism, I can’t say the same thing about our governor.

Yesterday, the governor unveiled a plan to raise reading and math scores. She sets some impressive but achievable goals. How does she plan to do this?

With a slick website.


Conveniently for the governor and her legislative supporters, her plan demands no new money for facilities, salaries or professional development, and certainly no reversal of the cuts of recent years. It does, however, put the governor’s face on every page of the website.

The closest thing to classroom resources that this “plan” offers is a chance for select teams of high schoolers to participate in a contest where they’d have access to high end engineering software.

She claims that this isn’t just a website, but a “commitment”: a commitment to meaningless window dressing.

One thought on “Gosh, I’ve Got a Website Too

  1. Ted,

    It would seem your philosophy about education is the state that spends the most money wins. Why are the test scores so much higher in Vail than TUSD? Maybe there is more to education than money.

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