Sauce for the Goose Department

I’ve been wondering for a while when there would finally be some attention paid to Rick Stertz. There have been attacks on IRC chairman Colleen Mathis supposed connections to the Democratic Party that are, at best, tenuous. The press has been more than happy to buy into the partisan attacks on Mathis and the commission process, but have let allegations against Stertz go unaddressed (I’ve been writing about them since before he was appointed). Something else unaddressed: Stertz is a key source of information for Tom Horne’s ongoing jihad against his fellow commissioners Mathis and José Herrera.

With him pulling this sort of monkey wrenching, I wonder if Stertz is as disinterested in the IRC process continuing the way the voters intended as Terri Proud and Andy Tobin are.

Well, that probably ends today. The Arizona Democratic Party has sent a letter to the Attorney General, Pima County Attorney and Maricopa County Attorney, alleging that he:

[W]ithheld information regarding his political affiliations, employer and business disclosure from Mr. Stertz’s spouse and children, tax information, accusations of fraud, and judgments. A sworn statement was submitted to the Commission of Appellate Appointments where the facts where omitted.

Bill Montgomery and Horne will ignore it, and the Star will run an editorial blaming both sides for Stertz’s omissions.

12 thoughts on “Sauce for the Goose Department

  1. Yeah; those Dimmocrats oughta be ashamed of themselves for politicizing the independent redistricting process.

  2. I believe Rick Stertz has every right to represent the interests of his protegé Jesse Kelly on the Independent Redistricting Commission. A third border district just might result in a congressional seat that long loud Jesse might win, i.e., one that doesn’t just lean Republican but is so Republican that Jesse, who couldn’t win in a very Republican year, ought to be able to capture. And how must our senator from bare knuckle land feel about a seat being conjured up for Kelly,leaving fearful Frank to run again for the state senate, thus remaining exiled in Baja Arizona when he’s desperate to go back east and misrepresent us in Congress. Oh, but this is about Stertz: wouldn’t it be better if he’d just come clean about his history and his motivation? Wouldn’t have kept Russell Pearce from appointing him.

  3. Nice try as you attempt to change the topic Tedski.

    Mathis is the problem.

    Not Rick Stertz.

    Mathis and the democrats have so abused the system that not only is there legitimate suspicion of un lawful activity but in their unabashed greed to game the system they have corrupted the ( NOT SO ) Independent Redistricting Commission.

    The AG has a legitimate concern to investigate the IRC. And guess who is stonewalling a state investigation? Let me give you a clue –it isn’t Rick Stertz. He has nothing to hide but others do.

    The irony is that while that voters contemplated the IRC as a fair process to accomplish re districting every ten years when they voted for it’s creation it has morphed as a tool of the democrats to pervert the system and force their will on the voters of Arizona through the illegitimate influence and power given to ONE person — the ( NOT SO ) independent chairman Ms Mathis.

    Arizonans will not permit your craven minority political party trying to game the system as a means to gain more power in our state. I have no desire to live under democrat Hippie style government you want to impose on me.

    As the old saying goes “hogs get fat and pigs get slaughtered.” Nice try to pull off your coup to gain power–it won’t work.

  4. Nice try to your side too, Bruce. Your side is angry that they weren’t able to game the system and sees the only way out to discredit the entire process.

    The fact that you are leaving out is that what your side is asking is that this process be turned back over to the legislature so that they can draw their own safe districts and further subvert democracy. Tell us the truth about that one, Bruce.

  5. Mr. Ash As I read your comment I kept thinking that you may be projecting. From Wikipedia, “… a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people.”

  6. Think about this my liberal friend Tedski…….I am far more comfortable giving the power of re districting to 90 people than one.

    It is infinitely easier to corrupt the (not so ) independent chair of the IRC than 90 legislators who all have their particular self serving needs in a re districting process.

    We failed to acknowledge this reality when Arizona voters fell for this flawed scheme.

    As I said earlier I do not wish to be governed by a bunch of old hippies who have been clever enough to cheat the system who in order to ultimately project their failed ideas to me and all of our fellow citizens in Arizona.

    And to TMT…… wife often tries a similar sort of psycho babble on me. I don’t understand you any more than I do my wife. Can you speak in English so I can understand your comment?

  7. If the process is so geared to the Democratic party then why is the state so Republican? Those darn independents thinking (or not) for themselves again!

  8. “Colleern Mathis supposed connection with the Democratic Party”. Wasn’t her husband Treasurer for Democratic candidate Nancy Young Wright in LD-26? I guess you just forgot Ted.

  9. My husband is a confirmed and dedicated Republican. Does that mean I have a connection with the Republican Party that will taint my Democratic thinking? I thought we women could think for ourselves!

  10. Georgia,
    Had she reported her husbands role in Wright’s campaign, as required, she probably would have been disqualified. She did not mentioned the relationship on the application and background as required. Your question would be best directed at the IRC as it is their forms and questions that must be answered truthfully.

    If it is proven that the Republican lied he should be removed from the process as should also happen to Mathis.

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